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Students/ Staff/ Faculty of Clarkson University unite for all types of animals! This includes cats, dogs, horses, fish, mice, rats, hamsters, and many many more! Providing homes, or searching for homes to let every animal have a happy, loving envir… more ›

78 members | 11 discussions

The name says it all. Basset hound lovers everywhere!

78 members | 4 discussions

Hi everyone, I have just joined the group and I have two Yorkie's, both female. Gabbi was our first Yorkie that we got when she was 10 weeks old. Later on we decided to adopt a little rescue Yorkie from the Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue.… more ›

77 members | 15 discussions

this is buttons at a dog show she won a trophy 2nd place. she just love to show off. also have 2 other schnauzer (mini) brandi and bubbles. brandi also loves the shows but my bubbles the black schnauzer does not. maybe she will after her pups are bor… more ›

77 members | 12 discussions

Join the Rottweiler group on - We always look for more members to connect, share useful information about our beloved Rottweilers

75 members | 16 discussions

My female dragon has become more plump and more aggresive towards me. I don't know how old she is exactly she's but she's around a year and a half- 2 yrs. i'm wondering if she's pregnant since she is home with my male. help please. Yes… more ›

73 members | 13 discussions

For cockatiel owners or potential owners to discuss our beloved little birds.

72 members | 10 discussions

This group affiliates all people who love their dogs whatever their breed is (or not!) If you think that mixed breed dogs are beautiful because unique, or simply your, sign up! Everybody welcome!

71 members | 9 discussions

A group for lovers of Torties and Calicos and the various combinations.

70 members | 4 discussions

DO YOU LOVE YOUR BUNN?If you do this group is for you so please join and love rabbits!

70 members | 11 discussions

This group is designed to link all the CCS students together in this effort. This will allow us to have our own designated group and online discussions! ENJOY!

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