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God created dogs, and when he perfected them he created Goldens.

131 members | 27 discussions

This group is for anyone involved or interested in everything equine (horse). Anyone from people that own horse/s, work with horses or just love them. The Equine field is a remarkable category, and has so much to offer and so many thi… more ›

129 members | 14 discussions

For people that love labs

123 members | 17 discussions

This group is for Dogs who love Agility! The Sport of Agility is great entertainment for dog and owner.

121 members | 41 discussions


119 members | 30 discussions

My previous boy Sammy. He is the most protective dog I have ever owned. I love him with all my heart.

116 members | 42 discussions

Excerpts from" "There are many cancer foundations which work towards finding a cure, and while we applaud their efforts, we want to know what?s causing it. The funds raised from the walk will finance the first ever n… more ›

115 members | 52 discussions

Welcome to all Betta lovers and admirers.

113 members | 14 discussions

Join this group if you love Border Collies. You don't have to own one, just have to love the breed

112 members | 12 discussions

My Shih Tzu's are half sisters but over a year apart in age. My Rottweilers & the Tzu girls get along great. They make great buddies the two breeds!

111 members | 9 discussions

I had donated to Stray Rescue for a long time and have recently started volunteering. It is a wonderful organization and I think they do a fabulous job even with the small facilities they now have. Hopefully, they will be able to expand and be able… more ›

109 members | 12 discussions

Join our group. News and discussions groups about bulldogs and their owners.

109 members

Students, faculty, staff and alumni of St. Lawrence University

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