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270 members | 33 discussions

Share stories of where you got your mutt, what you think it's mixed with and just the love of your mutt baby!

266 members | 46 discussions

Question? Major is our 1st black lab. We've always had yellow labs or yellow lab mixes and they are very mellow. Major on the other hand can jump 6 feet and flies around the back yard. We adopted him from a shelter in Arizona at 18 months so we fig… more ›

258 members | 10 discussions

This group is for all those who support the Central Missouri Humane Society and will do whatever it takes to keep their doors open!!!

225 members | 94 discussions

Habitat for Horses is dedicated to changing the lives of horses and humans. Our goal is to create a world where horses are respected for their intrinsic value and for their ability to help us fulfill our emotional, behavioral and spiritual needs.
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224 members | 26 discussions

Dachshund unite! Join our discussions and Dachshund related stories in our very own Dachshund group.

222 members | 55 discussions

For horse lovers everywhere, whether you own one or not!

211 members | 27 discussions

Join Our Beagle group. Start a discussion or participate in our Beagle club.

207 members | 57 discussions

The group for all who love those super smart, super cheeky, super loyal, super protective dogs, Australian Shepherds.

205 members | 35 discussions

I am a HUGE fan of the Dog Whisperer (Cesar Millan) & I was surprised not to find a group for fans already on here. So I decided I would start one for all of us fans out there! This group will be to discuss the show, his techniques, his products,… more ›

200 members | 20 discussions

American Shorthair Group. Join our forum of American Shorthair lovers.

198 members | 100 discussions

Chihuahuas from all around the World UNITE in this talk..what else...but chi We also include chi-friends and wannabe's to join us and create a strong community.share pictures, get togethers...soon videos...and so much more all … more ›

197 members | 31 discussions

German Shepherd Dog Lovers Everywhere. We can't imagine our live without one. Join our group.

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