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31 members | 11 discussions

If you love Siberian Huskies, then you should join this group!

31 members | 28 discussions

This group is a forum for LHS trainers and other trainers to share their knowledge and techniques on dog training, especially if someone is having a problem with teaching a particular behavior or driving it to extinction. In addition, … more ›

30 members | 6 discussions

I live in Oregon so it,s still cold here, So when the boys go out or with us some where they have coats. the one lying down is Andy he does,nt like his new coat but Bug the other he,s a ham when it comes to showing off.

30 members | 2 discussions

Hello this a group for all animal lovers so join!!!!

30 members | 24 discussions

We live in fabulous Fargo.....really! Sometimes it does feel like we inhabit the movie, and often times it's so windy we check to see if our hair is still attached to our heads......but we have our companion animals and love the lives they share with… more ›

29 members | 11 discussions

Iris turns a year old this month! (2/2010) She was a shelter rescue and is the friendliest, happiest dog we've ever met :o) I constantly get asked if she's an Australian Cattle Dog... we need to get the word out about this active, adorable, … more ›

29 members | 4 discussions

A group where Puggle Parents and others can come to chat about the Puggles they love SO well, and other Puggle topics.

29 members | 16 discussions

All things Darlene, please join us for some fun conversations.

29 members | 4 discussions

Group devoted to sharing information and experiences with calico cats of all ages, genders, sizes...and personalities.

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