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Snowball lives in Upstate NY and is a med. sized American Eskimo - weighs about 25#. We got her up North from an individual who raises them in Sept. 05. She will be 4 yrs. old in July. She is a very loving and well behaved dog. She loves to go walki… more ›

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I love bunnies especially! So if you want to join and talk to users that have bunnies too, than this group is for you!

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Do you mind a little heavy breathing? Do you have a problem with phlem, does snoring turn you off? Is a hocker gross to you? Then maybe you are in the wrong place. On the other hand, do you want to be loved, amused, cuddled, and looked up to? Th… more ›

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My family and I have had several blind cats, diabetic cats, dogs with seizures, amputees, etc. and I am interested in discussing ways these animals cope and how we can care for them

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you must love animal

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For everyone out there who has a chihuahua, or wants a chihuahua join this group! They are the cutest dogs in the entire world and everyone should have one as their pet/friend!

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Welcome! This group includes ALL supporters of MaxFund No-Kill Animal Adoption Center. Did you provide a Forever Home to a former MaxFund resident? We would love to hear how your pet is doing. Do you have any fundraising ideas? Post … more ›

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this is a group for anyone who loves pugs! even if you have one or not. feel free to join!

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If you have that right heart to love a rat you will love this group

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