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HTML stands for hyper text mark up language. It is most standard or basic language to create web pages. It has very simple code structure which can be learnt within 1 or 2 day and is most basic language that can be learnt even by a layman. CSS stands for cascading style sheet, which can be applied to any XML Language. Its basic purpose is to make things easier especially formatting part. Also it provides better control over presentation than do presentation elements in HTML. CSS proffers innumerable vantages against HTML In case of CSS styling the styling is limited to number of style sheets. Editing one style sheet is far better than editing 10,000 HTML files. Economy in bandwidth is there as style sheet is cached after the very first plea and can be used for every page on the site i.e. it needs not to be downloaded again and again from web. CSS reduces bandwidth usage to upto 50percent also visitors can load the website faster. When content and presentation aspect is separated then site owners can use the content for other purposes like RSS (Real Time Syndication) feed. Now you don?t need special version on each page to get printed you can create a single style sheet that control every page on site that is to be printed. You can apply different layout schemes to different media schemes. Advanced and sophisticated design and layouts are available in CSS. Although CSS is an independent language still it is applied with XTML and XML format. CSS mainly encompass within itself styles, fonts, colors, margins, lines, height, width, background images, advanced positions and multifarious things. HTML is basically used to add layout to websites but CSS perform this work in efficient and better way. Nonetheless, HTML can be viewed in certain browser only and CSS can be viewed in any browser. Moreover, CSS aids in maintaining your website in enhanced way. It was kind of revolution in the world of web design. CSS was mainly developed to simplify codes of bigger pages also it can be beneficial even for small pages but benefits become visibly quite clear in long pages. Also you can create numerous tags depending upon your requirement. HTML doesn?t fair well if you want styling for long pages. Furthermore, in case of HTML you need to involve multiple keywords in every section and this gets repeated multiple time and this makes pages unnecessarily quite long also if ever you are novice to this language and you commit mistakes the simple language will become all the more difficult and quite complex and you can?t trace back that faults and foibles. In epilogue, CSS has become popularized due to its edge over HTML language. It makes web page creation quite an easy task to accomplish and lot more easier to troubleshoot. What?s more CSS can be used in HTML language, it is not exclusively meant for HTML but it can be used in other languages too like XML and XHML. Hence now the difference between HTML and CSS may be crystal clear. Please visit web designer india for any website related services.
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