Wasatch Avian Education Society

Created: March 26, 2009 | Last post: February 10, 2016

Tags: birds, parrots, macaw, conure, african grey, cockatoo, amazon

Wasatch Avian Education Society is a registered nonprofit organization in the State of Utah, USA, located in the Salt Lake City area. 2009 marks the 15th year of service to our community and the exotic birds that are so much a part of our lives. We are dedicated to the study and keeping of birds, with an emphasis on having parrots as pets. We also offer rescue and adoption services. We have monthly meetings to which the public is invited. The meetings are typically held the second Saturday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in Salt Lake City. Salt Lake County Building 2001 South State room 1100 N Salt Lake City, Utah www.WasatchAvian.com
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