Sugar Glider People

Created: February 23, 2009 | Last post: January 10, 2010 | 5 discussions

This is a group for all sugar glider lovers to hang out, share funny sugar glider stories, and tell everyone about your very own little buddy or buddys!!!
BethAnn M.

Posted on January 10, 2010

Are any of you in Utah? Because we are having a party the 23rd of this month.www.meetup.com/themwpcc/

Posted on March 30, 2009

Hi! It eez Yogi here, I am here to welcome zee new member, GuineaPig. Welcome to zee group inspired my meeeee!!! (little tiny clearing of throat heard in the backround), oh, ya me and Flower... mostly me well we like new members, and encourage them t… more ›

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