2nd Friday...Rocky Mountain Society of Aviculture

Created: March 8, 2009 | Last post: February 8, 2016

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Welcome to the best bird club in Colorado. Our meetings are a great place to meet other people with one of the same interests as yourself, find out new information about your birds, buy new toys and other bird items and have a fun and social evening. Founded in 1961, RMSA celebrated it's 48th anniversary in 2008. We have grown to @ 350 members in our club and we are very proud of it and the things we are able to do through it. Join us! We love to meet new people and new birds. Our club is a not for profit entity and fully funded by our fundraiser events and our members. Your membership gives you the monthly RMSA newsletter that has interesting avian articles, letters from the board and members, advertising space and information on upcoming events. It gives you access to endless avian resources and supplies; it also gives you an opportunity to vote in many club decisions, directions and your board members. The members in our club come from all parts of Colorado and all different professions so everyone is bound to fit in and feel like they are a vital part of our club. Originally started as a canary club, it has grown to include all cage birds and their people in a friendly atmosphere where they can discuss birds. We host two major expos a year at the National Western Complex, one in May and an expo/bird show in November. Both are great events to volunteer for, we always need all the help we can get at these events. Its a great way to support your club. We also have a Items and Cage Auction in March, this is our best fundraising event of the year, bring in all your old junk and bird supplies and take someone elses junk and supplies back home. We are also starting a Yard Sale Event in July and we have our summer picnic in August. All of these are great family events. Our Bird Rescue and Adoption program is on hand during all the general meetings, there are birds looking for new partners constantly, maybe youll meet one that will fit into your home. They are available for adoption to all members. Our Adopt A Bird program is always looking for volunteers, they need foster homes and help to pick up and help birds in need. Just talk to our Adopt a bird manager and sign up. RMSA meets the second Friday of each month at 4755 Fox st at 7pm. Call the RMSA hotline (303) 456-0068 to hear what birds are up for adoption or to make inquires about RMSA. Join us today! You'll see why we are so proud of our club. www.rmsabirds.com

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