Responsible Pet & Exotic Bird Breeding

Created: September 8, 2008 | Last post: February 10, 2016

Here at Forest Park Aviaries, located in Columbia Station, Ohio, Dr.Geoff believes that "responsible" exotic bird breeding and hand-rearing, and of course their future home-care and general well-being, must always be the focus and driving force underpinning all our efforts. Accordingly, activities in our own breeding facility, nursery & kindergarten are managed with the greatest possible attention being given to bird welfare, and then to their future placement in their new family homes.

We expect that the large majority of our customers will endorse our published assertions that upfront comprehensive non-biased guidance to potential customers on exotic pet bird selection is freely given, detailed information is discussed as necessary at the time of sale, and Dr. Geoff generously provides sound after-sales advice as necessary after the birds are adopted into their new homes. Some further details of our activities are available via our websites, eg. viewable via:


and on YouTube via:



Whilst I am only a very recent member of the ZooToo community, I hope fellow members will participate in this new ZooToo initiative to the mutual benefit of all, and of course to the greater benefit of our exotic pet birds, as well as pets in general. Let us share our sharing views concerning all aspects of responsible breeding practices. Thank You All!

"Dr.Geoff" Certified Avian Specialist (Certified by the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council). Tel: 440-236-6355.

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