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Join this group if you love Nokota horses or have an interest in learning more about them. http://nokotahorse.org/ Visit the web site of the Nokota Horse Conservancy. There is a need to raise money for a permanent sanctuary for these rare and unique horses from the Northern Plains Badlands of North Dakota, a great Historic American Treasure descended from the horses that Sitting Bull's people rode into the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

Posted on April 19, 2009

Emergency Situation for Mustangs: Please Read and Crosspost Jerry Finch of Habitat for Horses is on the ground at 3 Strikes Ranch. This is an emergency situation. If you can help please let me know so we can keep track of funds. It will take a minim… more ›

Posted on March 21, 2009

I am particularly interested in interspecies communication between all animals, and from the little I've read of this breed, they do it well with humans. Living in the exurbs, I have no room for a horse, but applaud all efforts to save the Nokota. … more ›

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