Little Caesars PizzaKit fundraiser for May 2nd, saturday pickup???

Created: March 25, 2009 | Last post: February 9, 2016

Hi everyone. I called Little Caesars pizzakit place and i have to tell them a place to deliver it and day. How about May 2nd, saturday in P&C Parking lot in potsdam. that will give us 5 wks.. 1 wk to get the forms to everyone and 3 wks to get orders and collect all the money. Everyone can collect money when they get orders or give them 2 wks to get you the money. Then I have to make sure to have all the money together in a cashier's check -minus money we make for the potsdam humane society. Lets do it. thanks to all and I hope we see more volunteers to get orders to help our local animals.
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