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Created: September 3, 2009 | Last post: February 8, 2016

This group is for anyone who's ever loved, owned a cat, and has lost him/her somewhere down the line.. Pearl, my lilac point Siamese, was barely 6 when she passed away on April 18th, 2004, for reasons unknown.. If she'd been correctly diagnosed, she would've still been with me today... Pearl was truly the sweetest, most striking, most affectionate, and the wisest little thing.. Words cannot express how amazing she really was - you had to be with her to know.. And like any best friend, she was there for me, always.. Whenever I was in tears, she'd jump up on me, knead my lap, and lick my hands... She'd always been an indoor, healthy, active, vibrant cat.. So her sudden illness was a shock to us all.. She was a trooper till the very end though.. When she finally died in my arms at home, after suffering for a week and having deteriorated completely, I thought a huge part of me had died with her.. I was overcome with grief and despair, heartbroken, angry, and unprepared.. Dying of old age is one thing, but like this.. For all those brave owners/parents who didn't give up on their feline babies.. Who still miss them very much.. Who still think of them and ache.. This group is for you guys.. It helps to talk and share..

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