Indiana Large Bird Rescue

Created: April 25, 2009 | Last post: February 6, 2016

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Educating Current & Future bird owners Nationwide on Care,Housing,Diet,Behavior,Toys,Time & Expense involved owning a Parrot.Picking the right bird for your family. We Call it the "Do you really Wanna own a Parrot Class And for Current bird owners.. We Educate on how things change such as,hormonal breeding moods,how to deal with biters,pluckers,screamers, certain health issues etc.This is a free sevice we provide so feel free to throw a question or concern on the table. Test my knowledge on Parrots.!!!We stress Avian Education due to the number of birds relinquished yearly to Rescues & Sanctuaries nationwide.Im a Firm believer that......The Rescue With The Most Birds DONT WIN!That why we Educate the owner and have them try different strategies BEFORE relinquishing their loved companion parrot!

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