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Dear Friends & Fellow ZooTooers, Now that I have become an active member of the ZooToo community, I feel that my new found ZooTooer Friends, and Friends-to-be, might wish to also become involved in this proposed new "Birds & Pets Blog" ZooToo Group as well as my fledgling "Dr.Geoff's Blog" venture. Presently, as you might expect, this Blog is very much concentrated on exotic pet birds and bird breeding, but there is probably plenty of opportunity here to complement the many ZooToo contributions and initiatives from fellow established ZooTooers through the vehicle of this developing blog page. So, I thought we might as well give this idea, and the proposed inter-linkage between this Blog & ZooToo, at least a try-out and we can then see how things develop! All pet-lovers are of course very welcome. Come check us out via the links below: http://www.forestparkaviaries.org/blog1.html http://drgeoffg.bravejournal.com/ Also to draw your attention to the blog extract below, where you can check out FPA and myself in more detail: "Just wanted to refer you good "Friends of Forest Park Aviaries" to the new independently-published AboutUs article covering our exotic bird breeding activities here in Columbia Station, Ohio, and much more, viewable at: http://www.aboutus.org/forestparkaviaries.org . Many thanks for your visit today". I see this blog page (Dr.Geoff's Blog) as a potentially great new route for recruiting many more exotic bird/pet lovers into the ZooToo community. I hope you agree and that you decide to participate. Why not join this new ZooToo group and try out a little more "blogging" yourself?! Geoff G. Columbia Station, ohio 44028. www.forestparkaviaries.org

Posted on January 31, 2010

looking for someone to help me remove the band on my birds foot

Posted on November 22, 2008

I hope it's OK for me to show some of my painted bird feathers. I always hated to just throw away my sun conure and cockatiels feathers, they're so pretty. I've an artist and have always liked to paint on different things instead of canvas. My favori… more ›

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