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Anyone who owns or would like to know more about this awesome pet should join Degu owner`s Group. Degus are one of the most interesting rodents of the face of the planet. They make excelent pets and are very sociable. Degus are prone to diabetes so their diet should be practically sugar-free. They are extremely active, so they should have the biggest cage possible. They are very social animals and will sometimes die if kept alone. For more info come join us !

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I'm thinking of purchasing two degus, both females. I've got most of the basic info but is there anything that is super important for me to know?

Posted on June 18, 2009 | 1

Here are some weird and interesting degu facts that may surprise some of you. We humans strive to have white teeth (most of us, that is) Healthy Degus actually have yellow-orange teeth. An adult degu with white teeth is a sign of serious illness… more ›

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