Dealing with barn politics

Created: September 29, 2009 | Last post: February 7, 2016

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Owning a horse, doesn't seem to come with an instruction manual of how to deal with those 'pesky' people you board your horse with. Unless, you are fortunate enough to board your horse by yourself and/or on your own property. In that 8 year time that I owned my Tennessee Walking Horse Lilly, I've dealt with a wide variety of 'people', who would encourage even the most hardened of people to sell or adopt their animals. From the minor, hey, my horse is guzzling it's water like it's candy (did you water her?) or to the most extreme... rampant abuse/neglect at the very farm your beloved pet calls home. In the end, Lilly was adopted out and I have yet to even somewhat recover from it. This is not just a group for 'expert' advice. I am not an expert, except that I've certainly dealt with the losers of the horse world. This is a place to get ideas and have the one thing we as responsible horse owners may not have... SUPPORT from other horse people. Also, feel free to post the name of any farm you feel is completely inappropriate for an attentive person to board their companion at. What gives me the authority to say what I say on this group? Again, I'm not an expert on horses (only had one). But, a three-year-old knows what abuse/neglect is. A child knows when they are being pushed around and when that action is and isn't fair. I boarded my horse at a full-care facility in Dublin, PA. The person transferring the horses back to the stable from a show, was hours late... and didn't call. I began talking with another person about what they were being charged for the ride and they found out what I was being charged... and it was not the same. Ergo, I ended up being kicked off the farm. The next place I went to (Perkasie, PA-- All Seasons) kicked me off the farm, because I accused them of stealing my stall-dust (their son was in charge of cleaning my stall) and they argued that my horse was eating it (it went down from covering half of the hoof to me seeing most of the cement on the ground). I had to move off of the third farm for expense reasons but when I respectively gave my two weeks notice, I was told to leave ASAP. AT the forth farm, I shared the chores of caring for three horses (Lilly included). And, I found out, by accident, that Patti wasn't doing her chores. In the heat of the summer, she wasn't watering the horses. Wasn't bringing them in during the day. And, because winter was around the bend, I had to move Lilly once again. Below, is a brief list of what happened at the fifth and final place I had my horse... **STAY AWAY FROM PARK VALLEY STABLES, IN HORSHAM, PA.** Why you ask? -idiot beating his Arab with a shovel for cocking her leg, then punching her in the gut (more than once) and finishing it by downward slapping her on the muzzle -someone starving their horse to the point of it never having a good source of water and all of the ribs showing -another 'person' threatening me, after I told the barn manager about the idiot's actions -a person not letting his horses out of their stalls (one mare, one stallion)... EVER -someone else not giving attention to his horse, therefore the horse developed the behavior of swaying side to side -horses grating their teeth, coughing because of the condition of the barn -nobody willing to call the vet when someone's horse had colic and needed immediate attention (vet didn't come for another three hours) I made a decision to adopt out Lilly, for both her sake and my own mental well-being. And, I miss her so much. I know I'm not the only one. So, if it's abuse/neglect or something more minor as someone stealing your lead rope, then post it here. Because, I know how alone someone can feel, when all they want to do is own a horse.
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