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Question? Major is our 1st black lab. We've always had yellow labs or yellow lab mixes and they are very mellow. Major on the other hand can jump 6 feet and flies around the back yard. We adopted him from a shelter in Arizona at 18 months so we figure he will be 2 in June of 2009. We love him and don't mind the high energy, but is this common with black labs? I'm glad we have our yard enclosed with a 6 foot fence, because he flies over the 3 to 4 foot garden fences. He is very friendly and attends daycare twice a week.

Posted on January 26, 2010

I adopted Casey 2 years ago. We think he is a black lab/hound mix but he looks like a black lab. We adopted Casey when we think he was 1 year old. His original owners let him go and called the cops to have him picked up. Casey has so much energy. He… more ›
Denise G.

Posted on January 7, 2010

Why do they have so much energy and how can you control them . I try so hard to teach my do things but he just doesn't get it.

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