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Snowball lives in Upstate NY and is a med. sized American Eskimo - weighs about 25#. We got her up North from an individual who raises them in Sept. 05. She will be 4 yrs. old in July. She is a very loving and well behaved dog. She loves to go walking and camping. She doesn't like to go in the water though. She follows us all over, but not underfoot. We can leave her home alone for several hrs. and has never been destructive except when she was a puppy. She does bark when company comes. She knows several words like - snacks, go outdoors, go potty, go to bed, let's go, get your ball - etc. We sometimes have to spell words if we don't want her to know. She goes to the groomer about every 6 wks. Sometimes she acts more like a human than a dog. Oh, the life of an American Eskimo!!!!

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This is our Meesha. She is believed to be a January 2008 baby and we adopted her from the Jefferson County dog shelter. She was abandoned and left roaming on the street. I believe she may have been let go because of the new laws on Fort Drum that … more ›

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I find that Jake and his partner Pup (she's my daughter's AE) dislike riding anywhere in the car. I have ask everyone how we can make this a better experience for them. We have tried pretty much everything and they still get very nervous, pant, shake… more ›

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