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Discovering the Cause of Cancer

There are many cancer foundations which work towards finding a cure and while we applaud their efforts, we want to know what's causing it.

The funds raised from the walk will finance the first ever nationwide epidemiological canine cancer study which will be managed by our partner, the Animal Cancer Foundation

More Than Just Canine Cancer

The implications of this study are even more far reaching.

Scientists have discovered that the vast majority of cancers found in pets are the same types in humans, which make the dog an ideal model for research. Not only will pets benefit from this study but people, too.

There is another reason, too. By using dogs with pre-existing cancer for studies, it reduces our dependency on lab animals. Please visit: www.2dogs2000miles.org for more info, and to learn how you can help this worthy cause.

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I juat wanted to say thank-you. I stumbled upon this here at zootoo. I have never heard of this walk and I must say, it touches my heart. My husband and I lost our dog Zeus to cancer 5 years ago. He was our baby. He went everywhere with me. To … more ›
Vicki T.

Posted on July 31, 2008

[2DogsDaily] 2 Dogs 2 Day 2DogsDaily@yahoogroups.com: from Erich Trapp, moderator Excerpts from 07/31/08 message: Luke is walking at night lately to escape the heat of the day. When you consider the heat index puts the daytime temperature in t… more ›

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