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For kitty lovers every where! Share your photos and talk about how you got your kitty and where you got your kitty or if you even have one!

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one of my cats has gone to the vet.flea-less and come back and gave all my other cats fleas.now there all coverd in fleas. and i have a lice finder-comb where it zaps the feas then you flick them in some water it works so well has anyone gone to the … more ›
Lisa B.

Posted on August 5, 2009

Birdcage Cover How-To 1. Measure exterior dimensions of the cage. 2. On a large sheet of kraft paper, mark the shapes for your pattern. Add a 1-inch seam allowance at the bottom edges and 1/2 inch to the other sides. 3. Use the pattern to cut out t… more ›

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