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Rating: 4.3

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Rating: 5

The very BEST house for hamsters on the market!!

posted 8 years ago

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Habitrail's new Ovo line of products for rodents!!! As much as we enjoyed the Playground and Safari setups (which are very similar to each other), the Habitrail Ovo pad just blows all other hamster houses completely away!

I was sad to see that it was not yet in the list of products for review! (Google it or check for a photo). Eventually I'll post a photo of my Ham's own setup.

Firstly, the design of this house is just incredible. So mod! It looks like an Eero Aarnio creation, no joke! My fiance' laughed when he first saw it all set up, but agrees that it's a great house.
I believe the whole Ovo line is designed to more closely resemble the natural tunnels and underground burrows that your hamster would make if left to his own devices in the wild.
The Ovo Pad has a round, globe-like design, as do the tunnels and additions. I imagine that it's more fun going through a tunnel with a little bit of breathing room, as opposed to the usual narrow, cylindrical tunnels available. I know my burly little guy seems happier.
The pad is pretty complete in terms of hamster homes, especially for it's size. It has a wheel, a water bubble, a little set of stairs leading up to a built in food dish, a secret bathroom cubby, and even comes with locking connectors if you decide to add on.

is a typical Habitrail wall wheel, and while the wheel itself is great, I do have concerns over the little plastic 'pin' that helps mount it to the wall. I had the same problems with the Playground and Safari wheels.
The problem is that the pin may not be secure enough to hold up a speed racing Ham, especially one that is a little larger. A small mouse or dwarf hamster may have no problems with this wheel. But the day I got the Ovo, my Ham went wild on his new wheel and ran for quite a while. A short while later, I returned to the living room to find his wheel had fallen off the wall, face down, trapping my Ham inside of it. He was fine, and it was funny, but if he were more fragile/had panicked, I'm not sure what the outcome would have been. A simple solution to this problem is to find a very long metal screw similar to the width of the pin's shaft, and screw/push it in securely where the pin usually goes. Easy! and works 100% fine now. :)

is the greatest invention I've EVER seen in terms of water bottles/devices. It is a large blue globe that you fill with water, put the cap on, and insert it upside down into a hole in the tunnel. It almost looks like a hot air balloon. I wasn't sure if my Ham would go for it; after all, drinking water out of the ceiling is a new concept. But he likes it! I think he uses it more than his old, traditional wire-held water bottle. Best of all, the water bubble is easy to clean, doesn't leak!! (OMG!), and my Ham can't chew on it and rattle it like a typical water bottle hung on the side of the cage. All around, a fantastic invention!

has solved any waste problems typical hamster homes might encounter. It is hidden behind the wheel, and is just big enough for your Ham to use as a toilet. I was skeptical that my Hamburglar would actually use it, as he usually has his own ideas for what he uses each room for. For example, if I filled a room with fluff, he would take it out and transfer it to where I thought the pantry would be, fill the toilet area with food (and sometimes pee, too, grossssss), etc. etc. Amazingly, he actually reserves this cubby specifically as a bathroom, keeping his home cleaner (but he still leaves little turds around the floor here and there, i think it's his way of decorating?). I think it's a clever design, because the size sort of MAKES it the bathroom.

The food 'dish' built in at the top of the tiny staircase (all of three big, wide stairs!!) is also nice, because it's hard for anyone else to get to (I admit the only con is trying to fill it without taking part of the top off, but I'm just lazy!), and my Ham feels that his food is secure and leaves it there.

Also nice about this design is how it opens. The top of the bubble just 'slides' up into itself, kind of like a convertible top. It makes for easier access, and I like the secure snap 'button' feature to lock it.

Another feature I really like about this home is that it actually has adequate AIR FLOW. His bedroom pod no longer 'fogs up' because it's so jammed with bedding and very little ventilation. This design has more holes, which are also bigger to let more air through.

I also purchased the Ovo Den and Transport Unit, which I connected to the main Pad. My hamster is noticeably happier and more comfortable in his new home. I HIGHLY recommend the Ovo, and assure you it is well worth the price. I swear I don't work for Habitrail or anything (but I wish I did, because I love them!), I am just seriously impressed with their new offerings for little critters. :)

Pros: Aesthetically pleasing, best water access, cozy, organized, very well-designed, fun!

Cons: Not many, if put together correctly :p The wheel may need a stronger pin to hold in place.

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Lindsey S.
Rating: 5


posted 6 years ago

I love the OVO. My hamster, peaches, absolutely loves it, she runs all over the place. I have my setup as a single floor, because she wasn't a big fan of climbing down the tubes, but with this product, it was no big deal. You can design it any way you want to! The only problem I had with my wheel was that it was squeaky because Peaches runs so fast in it. So either way I would've bought a new one with ball bearings, which I did, and just took the other one right off. Set up is super easy, redesigning is super easy and the whole setup looks super cute. She has 2 of the big OVO pads, which I love because it seems that some hamsters can get aggressive if you have to reach your hand in through the top of a cage, or pull it out through a small opening. With the OVO this is NOT an issue. The pads open up so wide that you can just stick your hand on the bottom of the cage so your ham does not feel threatened whatsoever! This is my favorite feature because it lets you build trust with your hamster and it does not fear your hand!

Pros: cute design, safe

Cons: wheel

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Silke R.
Rating: 4

Fort Knox for Hamsters

posted 8 years ago

Despite the initial struggle with the set-up I really like this cage. I think it doesn't provide enough room for a regular size hamster but is the perfect size for my chinese hamsters and any dwarf hamster. The steps to the food dish are a little high but my hamsters seem to have mastered that obstacle. The cage is very secure. My cat is sometimes standing with his front paws on top of the cage looking in on his little friends.

Pros: very secure

Cons: not enough air flow

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Rating: 2

Dont buy

posted 8 years ago

although the cage looks nice the set up is terrible. the stairs are nearly impossible for a dwarf hamster to use, theyre too big. also the wheel has a slit that goes all the way around so their poor little feet fall through. we took out the stairs and wheel and put a new bowl and wheel in. also with the wheel and stairs the cage is rather small. my hamsters dont know how to use the water bottle so i have to make a puddle for them to drink out of, although i absolutly love the click style attachments and the den that you can buy sepratly.

Pros: it looks nice

Cons: its not well designed

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Rating: 5


posted 8 years ago

works well

Pros: its great

Cons: none

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