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Rating: 4

Works if fitted and used properly

posted 7 years ago

This product is a prong collar, or a pinch collar. Many people have misconceptions about this collar, and seem to think it is cruel.

It is much more humane than a simple choke chain collar. The dog will never strangle itself on the collar, as it can only tighten so much.

However, it does pinch the dog's skin on the neck, which makes the dog stop pulling. A dog may yelp or cry out when it pinches.

In nature, dogs are part of a social structure, and there are alpha dogs and follower dogs. The alpha dogs often use their teeth to bite other dogs on the neck, as a clear sign of who is in charge. They also use their teeth to reprimand their young.

The pinch or prong collar is supposed to simulate the teeth of the alpha dog.

If you have a small dog that pulls so much, that on the regular choke chain collar, it has pulled to the point that their is no fur and the skin is raw and bleeding, this collar will be a lifesaver. It will stop your little dog from pulling, and thus prevent damage to the dog's neck.

If you have a big dog, or a strong dog that pulls all the time, and you can't control them on a walk, then this collar will help you get control of your dog. It is effective on pit bulls and in my case, GSDs. I personally don't use them for training as I use the regular choke chain as required by the AKC. However, sometimes when I am walking several dogs (3 GSDs), I will put it on the dog that pulls the most on the walks. It seems that my dogs always want to race when we go for a walk, so the pinch collar helps me maintain control, especially when I have my child in the stroller too.

The collar is only effective when it is put on correctly. You need to make sure that it is tight, but not so tight that you can't even get it on the dog. You can remove or add links as necessary to get the proper fit. The leash attaches to the small ring that sticks up, not the bigger ring. The way it works is that when the dog pulls, the leash will tighten the area on the collar that looks like a regular choke chain. Then the prong parts will push together and pinch the skin on the dog's neck.

If used correctly, you will not make holes in the dog's neck as many people stupidly believe.

Some people choose instead to use a face halter such as Halti or Gentle Leader. Using these products, the dog seems to really hate it, and everyone who sees you and your dog knows you have no control over the dog. I personally don't use these products as I think they look terrible on the dog. Some people may mistake your dog as an aggressive animal. The pinch collar is more effective and not as obvious.

This product by Pro-Select is okay. The workmanship is not as good as a Herm Springer, but much more affordable. The smaller collars are much easier to attach, as you need to squeeze the prongs to put it together. However, there are little plastic caps on the ends of the prongs, which you need to remove from the prong that you will use to attach it together. The other caps can stay on. I noticed that this brand, the edges of the prongs are not rounded like the Herm Springer, therefore, I recommend that you use the caps.

I have one of these in the smallest prong size, and it works okay for my smaller GSD. I have a Herm Springer in the medium prong size, and that works for my long-haired GSD, but is much more difficult to put on, as the medium prongs are harder to squeeze together. I didn't get the easy link attachment.

-- additional:

[updated on 2008-02-24 01:31:15]:
I have to add that the prongs push together, not into the dogs neck, but to each other, so that the skin gets pinched. It feels much like if you were to get pinched.

You should try it around your arm to see how it works.

I have seen it work well on Jack Russells, GSDs, pitbulls, Golden Retrievers, Labs, and boxers in my obedience class.

It you put it on too loose, then when the dog pulls, the collar does nothing other than push the prongs into the front of the dog's neck. I have seen some clueless pet owners in my class do this. It is not effective at all, and can injure your dog's neck.

Also, if you choose to still use a regular choke chain collar, make sure you have it on correctly as it doesn't loosen when you have it on backwards. Remember, the dog can't read, so when you put it on your dog, you should see the "P", and not the dog. Smaller links are better as they don't snag.

Lastly, do not buy any chains made in China. They do break and snap. You don't want this to happen when you are near traffic and your dog sees a cat across the street. Made in the US and Germany are the better brands.

Pros: Will stop a strong dog from pulling too much

Cons: Can be difficult to put on dog

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Rating: 4

Effective if use correctly

posted 7 years ago

Better than a choke chain but must be used with due care. Seek advice and training from an expert before using a prong collar. We use these on our bulldogs for training. Not a collar for everyday wear or walking.

Pros: great for training

Cons: can be harmful if used incorrectly

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Rating: 5

Bite me

posted 7 years ago

I did not like these at first until I read somewhere that these collars are effective and do not hurt your dog. I have used this collar with all my foster dogs and for most of them after one or 2 times of straining against this they usually start walking nicely.

Pros: great for training

Cons: look like they will hurt the dog

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Kimberly  B.
Rating: 5

Looks can be deceiving

posted 7 years ago

This collar may look inhumane but it isn't. Many people are mislead. I have personally used this collar myself. The prong edges are not sharp, they are blunt. The idea of this collar is to help train your dog not to pull if a normal choke chain doesn't work. It works by applying pressure to pressure points in the dogs neck. You're supposed to walk your dog normally with this collar and when it begins to pull, simply and quickly jerk on the leash so the prongs apply pressure to the pressure points, then give the leash slack again. This doesn't hurt the dog. They may yelp if they are startled but IT JUST APPLIES PRESSURE. The pressure is uncomfortable for the dog and they associate it with pulling. It is a great way to train your dog if used correctly.

Pros: Works great for training!

Cons: Looks inhumane but isn't

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Rating: 1

Don't like it

posted 7 years ago

Yes, when used properly this can be a beneficial training tool for SOME dogs. But a gentle leader or no pull harness are much better alternatives. ASo often this tool is abused i just can't see using it when there are so many other alternatives.

Pros: ?

Cons: dangerous and not very nice

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