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Rating: 5

Works great when used properly

posted 7 years ago

My sister has this model and I have the model that works for longer distances and has an antennae on the remote.

Basically this collar you put on the dog, rather snugly but enough so you can fit a finger in between. There are two electrodes that you position under the dog's neck. If you dog has long hair or a thick undercoat, you may need to use the longer electrodes. The electrodes are located under the blue box that is on the collar.

First, you need to charge the collar which takes hours. Then you need to put batteries in the remote. To turn on the collar, you need to match up the red stickers on the remote and the collar. The light will flash to show that the collar is on.

Both these collars need to be trimmed after fitting it on your dog to minimize the risk of the collar entrapping the dog in the environment.

The remote has several buttons, one is a tone, which makes a very soft tone on the collar that your dog can hear. There is also a button for momentary zap, for one second, and then another button that allows you to continuously zap the dog up to 10 seconds. The collar has a built in protector that doesn't allow you to keep zapping the dog over and over again. there is also two buttons that control the zap level. On the one above, it has seven settings, and the long distance one has 16 settings. I have noticed that the settings are the same as far as strength, so the 16 settings actually has them in smaller increments.

After putting it on your dog, you need to determine the level of the zap. From personal experience, the lowest setting is quite painful for a human. Dogs do have higher pain thresholds. You need to start off low to see if it works on your dog. Putting it on the highest setting also has the drawback that your dog will get accustomed to it and then it won't work.

Sometimes the fur or too loose fitting will make the collar not work, you should test it to see that it is working, however not at a high level.

My dogs know that the collar is unpleasant and they are extra good when wearing it. I use it mostly to stop bad behavior as opposed to training obedience.

One of my dogs is more sensitive and a setting of 6 on the 16 level is enough to make her yelp in pain. My other dog has never yelped, but I can see her flinch a bit on a setting of 12. I use it on my dog to stop her from biting another dog when she is playing. Sometimes her prey drive kicks in and she starts to really hunt the other dog. It works to stop her from the actual biting. My other dog, the sensitive one, I use to stop her from chewing up the sprinkler heads.

My sister has used the collar on her Corgi to stop him from barking incessantly. He used to bark all the time, when no one was home, and when they come home. Since there was no way to make him stop from a distance, this collar really worked. When she came home from work, as soon as she was out of the car, she could press the button and he stopped immediately. It was the only way.

One warning I have is not to use the collar for every little thing and to use discretion in the situations that you think it will work. Also, do not leave the collar on too long, as the Corgi developed a sore in the area after wearing it for two days. You should clean and check the area after removing the collar.

This collar works great, but again you need to determine whether it will work for you. Some people think it is cruel, so this is not for them. Some people have dogs that nothing else works, so this might be the answer. Timing is everything, so you need to really know when to use it. If you press it well after the bad behavior, your dog will only be afraid when he's wearing it since he doesn't know when the next zap is going to happen. The dog needs to make the connection between the zap and the bad behavior.

The dogs now know that I use the tone as a warning, and then if they don't stop, then the actual zap (with the tone).

The tone is very soft, you won't hear it, but the dog can.

The collar lasts quite long. You need to remember to turn it off after removing it.

I would say that if you are comfortable using a pinch collar or choke chain (properly), then you probably can use this product as well. Again, never use it in anger or it simply is abuse.

Pros: Super effective

Cons: Must have proper fit, cannot leave on dog for long periods

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Sharri G.
Rating: 5

Saved Her Life

posted 6 years ago

I completely understand why shock collars are controversial. I definitely do not think they are for every dog. In our case, we had exhausted every other reasonable effort. This collar quite literally saved my dog's life.

Our Labrador was very strong willed from the time she was a wee pup. We did all the correct submissive training and for the most part, she was under control. The one exception was her running. It was a game to her, and not just a fun game of chase, but also a game of "who is in charge". We lived in a house with a fenced yard, so her not heeling or always coming when called didn't pose any serious danger to her.

But when we moved to a house with a bigger, unfenced yard this became a problem. Especially since our yard backed up to a rural highway of sorts. We tried once again to teach her the boundaries and kept her on a leash. But a big 80 pound lab that is determined to run cannot always be restrained by teenaged girls or their 5' 2" mother. She got to the point that she would squeeze out of the door for her running adventures every time she saw an opportunity.

It was with a heavy, reluctant heart that we purchased the collar. We put it at the lowest setting and (after watching the included video and doing some research) took her to the yard on a leash for our first session. It literally took exactly ONE zap on the lowest setting to change her forever. Her attention immediately went to us (where it belongs) and she questioned her permission for each step. It was very simple to teach her the boundaries of the yard with the positive enforcement clicker feature.

We did have one or two isolated incidents of running after that. In one such incident, she was running straight for the road at break neck, crazed dog speed and there was heavy traffic zipping by. I had to crank the dial up much higher to get her attention, but she did stop just short of traffic and came back to me.

We don't even have to use the zapper anymore. Just putting the collar on her reminds her of her manners if she starts not listening as promptly as we'd like.

While I would never recommend this collar for everyone, this was the solution to a scary and dangerous problem we had with a big, head strong dog that we love very much.

Pros: Effective, Has Positive Enforcement Sound, Levels

Cons: Controversial, Not for Every Dog

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Ro V.
Rating: 1

Should not be sold in stores

posted 7 years ago

The use of these collars should not, in my opinion, be used by the novice person. I have seen people use them and the dogs go into a state of learned helplessness. They are dangerous and should be taken off the shelves.

Pros: It motivates due to fear

Cons: Can cause severe trauma and everlasting anxiety

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