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Ed D.
Rating: 5

Rocket fuel and first aid!

posted 7 years ago

Hydrogen peroxide is one of those simple, cheap chemicals that's extremely versatile. In very high concentrations it's used as a liquid propellant for rockets. No, really!

Each molecule of peroxide has one too many atoms of oxygen, which it's always trying to give away. And it really tries hard! Chemsists say it's a very strong oxidizer.

That's the source of its power to launch rockets, bleach hair and teeth, and even clean a wound here or there.

(Here = on you ... there = on your dog)

It's also sometimes given to animals to get them to empty their stomachs. Fortunately, I've never had to use peroxide as an emetic. But you should know that use!

I keep it on hand for dog bites. Dog-bites-man bites and dog-bites-dog bites. (And, in the past, cat-bites-man bites.) It really helps clean out a wound!

Current medical thinking, though, is that peroxide chews up too much healthy tissue to be used for routine wound care.

Best practice, then, would be to use it the first time after the bite to flush the yucky stuff out of the wound, clean and disinfect the area, and clear away skin that's still attached but is dead.

That's the debriding process, and it's necessary because new, healthy tissue can't grow on old, dead tissue.

After that, best practice says to just clean with soap and water. Lots of water. But honestly, I keep using peroxide.

For one thing, wounds on dogs don't stay clean. I think they can stand some de-yuckifying pretty much every time.

For another, I'm diabetic and prone to skin infections. So I use it routinely until I'm sure that my immune system is in control of a wound area.

Don't buy brand-name peroxide! Get the cheapest stuff you can find at the drug store or supermarket - it's all the same.

And, unfortunately, it's all low-strength (3%) and not concentrated enough to launch your back-yard Apollo project.

But watch it bubble and dream of the stars!

Pros: Very effective disinfectant, debrider

Cons: Can kill too much healthy tissue

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Rating: 5

Many different uses

posted 7 years ago

peroxide has many different uses. from cleaning wounds to brushing teeth!

Pros: very easy to use

Cons: none.

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H J.
Rating: 5

Good cleaner

posted 7 years ago

We don't often use this on cuts and scrapes, though I wouldn't hesitate to if needed. We actually use our H2O2 for taking stains out of the carpet. Certainly wouldn't work on all carpets, but the color of ours is such that H2O2 easily and quickly removes all animal stains. We use it most frequently to clean up stains from cat vomit.

Pros: old stand-by

Cons: ?

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Jodi S.
Rating: 4

Another must have for the first aid tool box

posted 6 years ago

I keep hydrogen peroxide on hand for minor scrapes and bites as well as a helpful emetic for dogs who get too curious about non-food items or non-canine approved food.

You do have to be careful about not forcing the peroxide into the dog's lungs when administering it as an emetic, but it's still a good option when it may take a while to get to the vet or EC. Hydrogen peroxide is also not appropriate to use on deep punctures, and it also will start to eat at healing flesh if it's used too long on incisions, etc.

A large bottle is usually under a dollar at the grocery store, so peroxide can be a cheap first aid kit must for minor owies.

Pros: Easily found in grocery stores and pharmacies, cheap

Cons: Can be painful for healing wounds, not advised for punctures

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Rating: 5


posted 6 years ago

I use this in pet laundry on items that can't be bleached, stain removal, inducing vomit. However I no longer use full strenght on gums or skin since I developed a gum infection that my dentist believes was from using full strenght hp. He said hp can cause a change in skin and affect skins natural ability to heal. That it is best used at 50 % with water.

Pros: many uses

Cons: chemically alters skin cells

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