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Eddies Wheels Cart Hurt My Dog

posted 5 years ago

My dog was in a great amount of pain in this cart. Leslie the owner would not call me to discuss our issue. I tried hard to make it work. I met with a canine physical therapist to help me. The next day, after being in the cart for a short while, Maia could not walk at all. In a few days she was in so much pain I had to help her to heaven.

If you have an older dog whose spine and hind end is failing this cart may create great pain. There is a woman named Carole at Eddies Wheels who tried to be helpful but as soon as Leslie the owner arrived back from vacation she refused to help.

Dont spend your money. Custom fit is not better.

They have a no refund policy which means they will not help you.

And if you beg for help they say it will cost another $150 or more.

What I learned:
You have to lift a dog high to get them into the cart. This can create great pain in the spine if issues are already present.

Very difficult to do alone if you have a big dog.

Yoke may poke dog on the side if dog struggles/wiggles a little bit.

The saddle can be very tight on the pelvis and is not always welded at the right angle.

Saddle needs more cushion.

The cart is heavy for dogs that are weak in the front end even though I purchased "counterbalanced".

The front strap pulls on the shoulder too much. Similar to a "easy walk" harness. Which is working against a dog that is trying to move forward.

If Maia moved fast, this cart would lose balance and sway from side to side making the wheels come off the ground. I was afraid it would knock her over.

The side rails would slam into her side as she moved. Which created a great amount of stress on her spin and the muscles on her side. I would like to have seen them padded.

I would also like to see a belly strap on all older dogs carts. This would give extra support on the delicate spine.

This cart can come with stirrups. When I placed Maia's legs in the stirrups (I was careful to follow directions) the weight of the cart would be thrown forward and rest on Maia's shoulders. Making it impossible for her to walk forward with ease.

If I put her in this cart for 10 minutes she could not walk for 4 hours afterwards and when she did she was crooked from the cart banging into her.

Many dogs that use these carts muscles are in the beginning stages atrophy. The muscles get bruised from the slamming.

The company will tell you that this pain is normal when they are getting used to the cart. I believe that if the cart was a good design Maia could be more active in it making her more tired. But her pain was from bad design and a bad fit.

Maia was measured and fitted by CARE in Santa Monica, CA. One of Eddies Wheels Authorized facilities. I paid an extra $150 for this service. This did not guarantee a custom fit.

I was very unhappy with this cart and with the customer service.

* I would like to offer my pet psychic services to any other company that would like to know how their pets are feeling in their carts. I would like to honor Maia by helping other dogs. This offer stands know matter how much time goes by.

-- additional:

[updated on 2010-10-06 01:17:56 GMT]:
You can read our complete Eddie's Wheels Experience on my website at

There you will find video's of Maia walking in the cart and an insensitive letter from Eddie's Wheels about Maia's passing.

Pros: the idea of a cart to help older dogs

Cons: painful for older dogs bad customer service

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T W.
Rating: 5

Eddies of the best

posted 7 years ago

My GSD, Cheyenne used an Eddies Wheels Cart the last 18 months of her life. I was afraid she would have problems adapting to the cart. What a fool I was. Within 5 minutes she was RUNNING!! Something she had not been able to do for some time as a disease known as Degenerative Myleopathy slowly stole the use of her legs.

Without this wonderful cart, I would not have been given the gift of another year and a half with a dog I loved as much as life. She did everything with the cart that she did before she got sick. She still traveled with me, went to the beach and could even go swimming in her cart so long as she did not go in too deep. (The cart will float up in deeper water and flip over if your not very careful)

Wonderful WONDERFUL invention! Thank you Eddies Wheels!

Pros: Allows pet to live life to the fullest

Cons: Little bulky when used for large dogs

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Kerri M.
Rating: 5

Eddie's Wheels for Pets - Carts for Handicapped Pets

posted 7 years ago

An option for handicapped pets that restores quality of life to both pet and owner.
The easy opening yoke makes placing even the largest pets into a cart quick and simple.
Eddie's Wheels carts support the pet on its skeleton, not on the soft tissue of its legs, thereby preventing chafing and decubital ulcers.
No girth straps and therefore, no weight or stress put on the spinal column.
The pet stands in a normal posture with no bars to interfere with taking a normal stride, and no overhead hoops to confuse your pet's sense of space.
Optional stirrups, for paralyzed pets, move with any residual movement of the pet's forward stride to eliminate chafing. Stirrups can be removed as the pet rehabilitates.
Non-absorbent closed cell foam padding on the saddle and yoke do not cause pressure sores from rubbing.
Gender specific saddles insure males and females can relieve themselves while in the cart.
All optional equipment, including upgrades to counterbalance (for pets with weak front leg strength), counterweights (for amputees), training wheels (for pets needing additional front balance) and full-scale quad front wheels can be retro-fitted to any standard rear wheel cart.
All aluminum construction with machined fittings, stainless steel hardware and angled wheels for added stability – Eddie's Wheels have set a new standard in mobility carts for pets.

Pros: custom made, durable, padded,

Cons: need to take your pet to them for proper fitting

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Rating: 5

Gave Baxter his freedom back!

posted 6 years ago

The staff at Eddie's Wheels is outstanding. We had nothing but a positive experience from our initial appointment for fitting all the way through to recent questions. Their only goal is to help animals regain mobility. The quality of our cart is top notch, and it has given Baxter his freedom back. We use the cart to help with rehabilitation and to regain muscle strength and cannot imagine life without it.

Pros: regained mobility and freedom

Cons: none

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Rating: 5

Front Wheeled Cart For Two-Legged Dog

posted 3 years ago

I work with rescue and fostered a 3 legged dog who happened to be pregnant. One of her puppies was was born without front legs! Obviously he had mobility issues from the start!
I immediately started looking for possible carts and I loved the fact that Eddie's Wheels are custom made. Carts from the other companies out there looked very cheap and "tinker toyish" to me.
We waited until our boy, Lego, was about a year old to order. We did all of the measurements ourselves with phone and email guidance from Leslie at Eddie's Wheels.
Although we didn't need to, we decided it would be a fun trip to fly to MA to pick the cart up. Eddie gave us a tour of the shop and explained how the carts are made. We also got to meet Willa and Webster, brother and sister chihuahua mix dogs that were also born without front legs!
While we were there, Eddie explained to us that the current wheels on Lego's cart were on the small side and that he was looking into different wheel suppliers. He was right. While Lego's cart worked great, he had stability issues with the smaller wheels. I emailed Leslie our concerns. When they received the bigger (and oddly enough, lighter) wheels from the new supplier they sent us a pair for free.
Lego has had his wheels for about 2 years now and can go just about anywhere he wants with them! He's a little guy, about 8 lbs, and the cart is light enough that he can pick it up to get over obstacles and keep on rolling! The cart is also designed to let him do all the regular doggie stuff, like sit or bend forward and sniff things on the ground.
We are extremely happy with our purchase and sing the praises of Eddie's Wheels to anyone who asks!

Pros: Extreme Mobility!

Cons: None

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