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Rating: 4

The new Allerpet for cats and dogs, small furry animals, and birds

posted 8 years ago

Everyone seems to be having allergy problems this year, myself included. I've gone several years with little or reaction to my pets, but this year I've had lots of fun with it (NOT!). I found a bathing solution to help with their coats (Kenic Oatmeal Shampoo), but the cats groom themselves continually, and saliva is one of the chief allergens, in addition to urine proteins. I searched the web, and found Allerpet, then found it's latest formulation for all the furry animals and birds. It's a solution that you use to moisten a washcloth and then wipe down your cat or dog (or other critter) until thoroughly dampened, both ways of the coat. The idea is to remove the salive and any urine and sebaceous gland secretions on the coat.
The product doesn't lather, and doesn't need to be rinsed out. It left my cats' coats smooth, shiny, and soft, and it dried quickly. They don't scratch or fuss over themselves unusually, other than putting their coats back in order afterwards. Since I have used Allerpet, my cat Windy doesn't seem to get the tiny knots in her undercoat like she used to, especially around her hind legs. I can't detect a scent, but my cats seem to be able to, because they sniff the towel and back away. Other than that, their only objection is to being dampened against their will. But, they object much less to this than they do to having a bath.
Before using Allerpet, just having any of the cats approach me while I was sitting down would make me want to claw at my face from the instantaneous itching, and the reaction to the dogs was almost as bad. I felt horrible about it because there was usually a cat perched behind my head on the back of the chair, one on my lap and one on the ottoman, and a dog on either side of the chair while I sat at the computer. None of them could understand why I would have these explosions and tell them to go away, and it wasn't their fault. We have no carpet in the house because of my allergies, and everything is set up to be easy to remove and wash--specifically so I can keep my pets. I thought I might still have to give them up, or be required to take huge amounts of medication just to be useful.
Allerpet does not completely resolve my allergy problems, but no one thing will. Prices vary, but it can be expensive. I found a 16 oz bottle is about $8-9.00 at Jeffers Pet Supply, and it can be ordered online.
The directions say to use it once a week, but I have found enough relief using it once every two weeks or so on all three cats, and bathing the dogs about once a month with their own shampoo. I can once again sit with the cats in my lap and hold a cat up to my shoulder without having an asthma attack or breaking out in hives. Allerpet really does help.

Pros: helps reduce my allergic reactions to my cats, haven't found irritations for them

Cons: While not a thorough soaking to the skin, my cats don't like getting swabbed.

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Ang Y.
Rating: 5


posted 7 years ago

If you have allergies this is great to lessen them. It takes out the allergens out of your pets fur and off their body so you can tolerate them better. It may not get everything but it doenst do a bad job. It is very easy to use and seems to work wonders on their coats.

Pros: Gets allergens off your pet

Cons: when it wears off

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Bijou F.
Rating: 3

A little helpful

posted 7 years ago

Allerpet is better than nothing. It wipes away pollen and some dander. If your dog is very dirty with dander, this product will not give you much relief.

Pros: wipes away allergens such as pollen and dander

Cons: not 100%

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