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Rating: 2


posted 7 years ago

We have a large male cat that had been an outdoor skitish cat. He was a stray that after 3 years of patience and showing him kindness and love he trusted us and allowed us to pet him. when we moved, we took him along and he turned into a house cat/outside some of the time. At our apt, he wouldnt even come inside.
The only problem with this is that he had made everything his scratching post.
After taking him to one of the scratching posts when catching him scratch something for months, I stumbled upon these soft claws.

I ordered some. They arrived.

I got the soft claws out, trimmed his nails and put them on..They weren't a real good fit, They began coming off one by one for the next couple of weeks.

This product was not for him. He was hard to get them on, his skitishness came back out and he was having no part of them.

I think if they were used on a calm, laid back cat,even a younger cat or a cat that has always been inside, they may have worked but by him being a street cat for 3 years that i know of made this not the answer for us.

Pros: color choices

Cons: not a good fit

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Emily B.
Rating: 5

YAY! I love these things

posted 6 years ago

My cat was a pain in the butt when I went to put these on her, however we found that if we had one person put some yummy wet cat food on their fingers and feed her by hand, she was just as unconcerned with me touching her feet as you could ever hope for.

I did my homework on declawing before I got my kitten, and I refuse, knowing what it entails. I looked up an alternative, or how to get kitty to scratch a post, etc. and I have tried everything as far as teaching her to only use her post. frankly, she prefers the laundry hamper (which I really don't mind)

however because I'm moving back to my mom's and she wanted me to declaw the cat, we decided to try these, and I have to say, they are both adorable and absolutely fantastic.

sure it might be something you have to re-do every month or two, but that's something I'm willing to do, and it really only took about 10 minutes from the time I started getting everything ready until she was completely done.

she licked at them for a few minutes, and since then, hasn't really noticed them at all (some of them didn't go on the way I wanted, but it's a learning experience for both of us.)

over time cats get used to having their feet touched, and it's so much easier when they associate it with a yummy treat

Pros: NO scraches, NO declawing, totally cute toes!

Cons: none, really

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Rating: 4

Easy to Apply

posted 8 years ago

Though we clip our cats' nails every week and provide lots of scratching pads and posts, one of our cats was tearing up the sofa. I would never dream of having him declawed, so I tried Soft Paws. My cat is usually really squirmy when getting his nails clipped, so I figured we'd both be covered in super glue at the end of the application. It turned out to be really easy! Just fill the caps 1/3 with glue, and stick them on the claw. It really was that easy. I had all of the front claws covered in about 5 minutes.

So far, my cat has tolerated them very well. He lost two the first week, but after being replaced they have stayed on. I haven't seen any adverse behavior changes (he still runs, plays, and scratches the cardboard scratcher as he did before the Soft Paws).

The thing I have noticed is that he has sought out other things to scratch, such as the bathroom rug, which has larger loops that he can still get his claws into. However, replacing a $10 bathroom rug is much better than a $1000 sofa!

Pros: Easy to apply

Cons: Can still scratch some things

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Barb M.
Rating: 4

Better than declawing!

posted 7 years ago

I too believe that cats should not be declawed, so I was at a loss when my cat started attacking the new puppy. The puppy was very docile and would not snap back a warning. She took more than a few painful swipes to the face and was always hiding from the cat. I looked everywhere for a solution when my vet said to try the fake nails. My cat does not mind being handled and took to the nails well. They stayed on for many weeks until her nails grew out and then I just replaced them. Eventually the cat and dog became friends, so I no longer need the nails. I would NOT, however, cap the nails of a cat that truly does need it's nails to ward off an aggressive or assertive dog.

Pros: Immediate results!

Cons: Not necessarily for every cat.

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Rating: 4


posted 8 years ago

These take time to put on but they are worth it to save furniture.

Pros: saves objects from being scratched up

Cons: time consuming

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