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Brandy M.
Rating: 4

Better than the alternatives

posted 6 years ago

After having to file my dogs nails by hand due to splitting, I bought this product after seeing the ad. I had previously read the reviews on the web and knew what to expect. Other things I encountered were trying to get the right angle and lose of power. My dog still had his dew claws and it is hard to position the machine to file them. I could not imagine this on a smaller dog. It would almost be impossible. The machine looses power and hangs up on tougher nails. My dog is a 17lb Havanese, I would not have been able to use this on my Rottweiler. As far as my current dog, I think it would have been a better design if the file wheel were a little closer to the opening. It would be better on the curved claws that in this case come out filed at a diagonal no matter which way you turn the machine. I have heard the Dremel is great but that means buying the Dremel and the attachment. I went the cost effective route and beats those nasty guillotine style clippers and an emory board!

Pros: easy, quick, better than clippers, smooth finish

Cons: hard to get angle at times, hangs up, not very powerful

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roberta m.
Rating: 4

Love it! Love it! Love it!

posted 6 years ago

I tried to buy one of these from their website...after 2 months of waiting i gave up. i bought mine at the local walgreens. absolutley love it. my beagle does not like anything so i usually have to put her in the tub to use it on her however today was the third time using it and she laid on her back on the bed. she still wasn't happy but she did not squirm. odie does not tollerate anyone touching his paws for any reason but if i lay him on his back and lay across his belly he is fine. he tries to get away at first but then will relax and let me finish. you may need 2 people to use it at first but they will get use to it. The best $20 i spent on them so far. it does take awhile to get the nails to the proper length but it should be a breaze after about 2 more times on my dogs.

oh! i just did this on my moms dog today. she was afraid to try it because her dog likes to snap at you. again i laid him on his back and laid across his belly. we were done in 5 minutes. it was his first time. Go get one!


Cons: goes through batteries

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Erik B.
Rating: 4

Pedi-Paws works... with Training!

posted 5 years ago

The Pedi-Paws nail trimmer (or more accurately sander) really does reduce the chance of injury to the quick of the pet's nails. I have two dogs and with the regular trimmer I almost always nick one of the 36 nails when I cut them. Then there's blood and a traumatized dog... I am sure you know the scene. With Pedi-Paws, however, I have not nicked them once.

Now for the draw backs: you cannot just pop this device out of the box and immediately start trimming your pet's claws. The animals need to aclimatized to it (the instructions suggest treat training) and the noise it makes and then the feel of it on the nail. This takes time and some training expertise on your part. I would guess you are looking at one session a day for three days to a week depending on the dog and its temperment. (I really can'tclaim any knowledge of cat training).

There are, I believe, dogs that will never relax to this method of nail trimmimg. This product is not for them and you owners probably know which dogs they are.

I think the Pedi-Paws is great - as long as you are willing to put the work in. Otherwise there's always the groomers or the vet...

Pros: Much easier to avoid the quick when trimming nails.

Cons: Takes concerted training effort to get dog used to sound and feel.

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Caitlin C.
Rating: 4


posted 6 years ago

I got the Pedi Paws at my local Target for 19.95 to use on a weekend foster dog whose nails were out of control. Granted, he's a beagle, so he doesn't care about much, but he had no problems with the device. I turned it on and set it near him for a couple minutes, let him sniff it, the held it in my hand while I touched his feet. No problem.

It takes a couple minutes to get the hang of how the device works. This seems to be the first device in history that would work better for left-handed people than right-handed people. The way the little groove in the sanding surface is shaped, I found it to be much easier to have the device in my left hand and manipulate the toes with my right hand.

Once I got the hang of using it, though, the Pedi Paws did great. No more ticky-ticky-ticky on the hardwoods!

Pros: Does the job.

Cons: Not designed terribly well.

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Rating: 3

Good concept

posted 6 years ago

I bought this product right before Christmas and used it that weekend. My dogs are not really scared of it. It works pretty good if your doing one or two dogs. I have 18 dogs so it doesn't work very well for me. I use this on a couple of my dogs that are really scared of my nail grinder(like a dremnel tool, but not). The concept is really good but the nail filing part is to big, should be smaller and more open. Also, it doesn't have any adjustment speeds or enough rpms to have more adjustments. Dogs with tougher nails and things its easier if you have a little higher speed to work with. I never cut my dogs nails with clippers anymore. I do use these for a few of my dogs but for the rest I use my grinder. A good product though, if you have a couple pets and not a crew like me.

Pros: Easy to use, not really noisy

Cons: Filing end is to big, No adjustable speeds.

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