Litter Robot LRII Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box,
Rating: 4.3

Average rating from 60 reviews.

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Kelly C.
Rating: 5

Best litter box ever!!

posted 8 years ago

The first automatic litter box I bought was the LitterMaid and it worked fine but it eventually stopped working. My next purchase was the Petmate Purrformaself-cleaning Litter Box and my sister and I both returned ours within days because it was so terrible!! After this experience I decided to spend the extra money to buy the Litter-Robot. All of the reviews I read online were great so I ordered it and I am happy that I did.

This is by far the best litter box I have ever owned and I love that I can leave my two cats home alone all weekend and come back to a clean litter box. You never have to buy litter receptacles like with the LitterMaid because you can use any bags (I just use 13 gallon trash bags!).

If you are considering spending the money on an automatic litter box I highly recommend at least considering the Litter Robot.

Pros: It works great!!

Cons: A little expensive...

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Barbara h.
Rating: 3

We have 4 cats and 3 Robots - life is good :)

posted 7 years ago

I had 1 cat (Josie - mine). I used an extra large standard box, clumping litter and scooped every day (sometimes every other). Life was fine for me and Josie.
Then, my oldest daughter moved back home bringing along Posie (chunky kitty) and Daisy (insane diva). Along with them came the Littermaid and I thought 'WOW, no more scooping!'.
Sadly that was not the case with that unit and it was so gross having to clean off the 'rakes'.
Not a month later someone drops this tiny cute wet kitty on our porch (that would be Pumpkin Pie - also known as Punk). As much as I protested, after a vet check he become ours.
Well, by this time we were back to standard boxes and scooping faithfully at least once a day. Ughhhh
I continued looking for an automatic box but all the options at that time seemed to lack something or other.
Then I found out about the Litter Robot on a cat forum.
I saw the animated commercial on their website and said 'What the heck! I'm too darn tired to deal with all this after work as it is' and ordered one.
We now still have all 4 cats and 3 Litter Robots (yes - 3! but are down to only emptying the bins once a week).
All 4 cats have adjusted well. Punk does have a habit of hanging his butt out the 'window' (the only boy, figures!) and has apparently sprinkled enough on the control that it shorted the board (actual just ate away at a tiny bit of the little metal circuit). We called the company and they shipped the part out (easy to put back in) and we were back in business in a couple of days with that one. We now make sure we wipe the fronts down weekly (it was hard to see before because our units are black).
The odor from the unit is nothing - until you open the drawer to dump the contents then whew! See the charcoal tip below.

- We used 7 gallon bathroom trashcan size bags we get at the $ store (the roll type). I think there are 25 in a roll. Makes it really easy to empty.
- We use pretty much any clumping litter (just nothing to dusty)
- We add a teaspoon of charcoal to each fresh bag change (the type from fish stores works fine - helps when you clean the bins out because it can really stink in a week!) ad wipe the front of the unit with a Clorox wipe or something similar.
- Totally empty out the litter every 2 months (OK, sometimes every 3 months which I am completely embarrassed to say).
- We squirt the 'ball' section out with the hose (throw a little cleaner and swish it around with a toilet brush we use just for this purpose). And let it air-dry (you can use a blow dryer if you're in a hurry but our kitties have always just waited it out.

That's it!

If any of these dies completely (Litter Robots, not the cats!) - I would STILL get another - even at the cost. It is totally worth it.

Pros: So many! Easy to setup, uses very little litter per 'load', easy to clean

Cons: DO NOT let the receptacle get to full - it can be quite gross.

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Anne B.
Rating: 5

Works a treat

posted 8 years ago

This works well & definitely saves me digging around in the litter each combs through the litter & removes all the clumps. And despite the look of it the cats don't seem to mind using it.
Hooray for the litter robot.

Pros: Saves me a job

Cons: It's kinda big & ugly

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Rating: 4

Great Idea for some cats

posted 8 years ago

We were really excited to get this litter box, because we dislike daily litterbox cleanings. It worked great for two of our cats. But one of our cats barely gets inside the box. He pees as soon as he is far enough in the box. Therefore, his pee always ran outside of the drawer area, and it didn't get in the bag. We had to thoroughly the drawer each day, and it was more work than cleaning a litter box. We tried every suggestion the company gave us to get our cat to go all the way in and turn around.

The people at the company were helpful and nice. I appreciated that. Unfortunately, the box just didn't work for us. So we spent $300 on it, and it sits in a box unused now. It was quite disappointing.

Pros: cleans itself

Cons: Not great unless cat goes all the way in

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Rating: 5


posted 6 years ago

i can't speak for this product long-term, as we just got ours last week, but so far we and our kitties are just LOVING this product!!

we've never had an automatic litter box before, and we got this one because it seemed to have the best reviews, plus it came with good warranties and such. the litter robot assembles easily and is a snap to use. the whole entire globe part rotates...the litter gets sifted through a mesh screen, the good litter is kept separate while clumps are dumped into a drawer underneath. you don't have to buy special cartridges to collect litter. in fact, you could just let the clumps fall into the drawer and then empty the drawer itself if you want. the product's web site recommends trash bags, but i think that's a bit excessive. we've been using these large litter pan liners that you can get at the dollar store, and they've been working great.

we also love that the litter robot can be used with any clumping litter, not just "permium" litters. i'm not crazy about clay litters, we've been using Swheat Scoop because 1) it's non-clay and clumping, 2) it's very low dust, and 3) it's relatively inexpensive for a non-clay clumping litter. so far we're finding that the Swheat Scoop tends to stick to the bottom a bit, even after the rubbery liner on the bottom drops down as the globe rotates. we've been just going at it with a litter scoop, breaking off the stuck bits once a day as it cycles.

the litter robot has been great at keeping odor under control. with 5 cats, i have this horrible fear of turning into one of "those people" whose whole place wreaks of litter box and they don't even realize it. i feel much better now with the litter robot. i just emptied the drawer this morning, and the smell that greeted me when i opened the drawer was just ungodly. but the key point here is that there was no odor AT ALL outside of the box before i opened the drawer.

as far as our kitties go, our guys are pretty smart and adapt quickly. they were curious about the new big thing in the house to begin with, and then when they poked their heads inside and saw litter, they figured out pretty quickly that it must be a new litter box. no sooner than we had it assembled and filled, 2 of our kitties, one right after the other, climbed right in and did their business. all of them are using it and favoring it now. everybody seems to like having a litter box that is constantly fresh and clean.

it doens't really seem to do much for tracking. a lot of the litter does stay on the little step that also serves as a handle for the drawer, but plenty still gets tracked out.

also, this box requires very, very little litter. it's really amazing how much less litter we're using.

some people seem to think it makes a lot of noise. for us, it's a little louder than our central A/C but not as loud as our dishwasher. it's noticable but not excessive. also, while our cats are scared of the big loud vacuum cleaner, the noise level of the Litter Robot isn't enough to scare them off. on the contrary, at first the noise made them very curious, and they walked right up to see what was going on.

in a nut shell, as long is the Litter Robot keep on working like it is now, it'll be well worth the $330 that it costs. in fact, if it holds up well, once we have a house with more room, we are most definitely getting at least 1 more. it's saving us time and litter, and it's keeping odors down. love it, love it, love it!!

Pros: lots of safety features, works with any clumping litter, no special cartridges

Cons: none so far

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