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Debra B.
Rating: 4

Cat Containment to Your Fenced Yard

posted 6 years ago

Didn't think that I would be writing another review unless it was for the shelter makeover contest, but I've had a couple people ask me about the fencing that I have on my outdoor deck.

After receiving a notice from the Fargo Police Dept. warning us of the city ordinance violation regarding my cats being on the neighbor's property, we went in search of some sort of containment system that would allow our cats to go outside but still remain on our property. Our backyard is only fenced on 2 sides, and the cost of completely fencing the backyard with a traditional fence that complied with our fussy home owners' association guidelines AND didn't interfere with our underground sprinkler system was more than what we cared to spend.

Another alternative that we considered was screening in our outdoor deck and adding a roof, but then we'd need a building permit. Plus, our cats already make holes in our indoor window screens, so the outdoor screens would have a short life, and the cats could escape once they tore a hole in the screen. We put up lattice work to extend our deck sides vertically, and then attached the Cat Fence In material at the top of the deck sides. This was the most cost effective approach, although our cats still can't go out on the grass and roll around, they can sun themselves on the outdoor deck. Our back deck is pretty small, about 8 by 10 feet, but it is better than nothing, and better than getting another police citation.

This fencing has tharwted attempts to get outside the deck. We have two cats who can leap up to 12 feet high, and one cat who is part monkey and can climb just about anything. We make sure that they don't have a table on the deck to shorten their jumping distance because if they can clear this netting and land on top, then they can jump down to the other side and have escaped.

Any little breach in the netting will serve as an outlet and a place for your cat to exploit for escape purposes. The winds in Fargo really blow hard and this netting gets a bit displaced so has to be monitored that it is in the right position. Corners are a bit tricky with the installation. Special brackets are supplied to hang the netting from as are some ties to anchor the netting to the existing fence. You need to be pretty handy with tools to install this--as drilling and nailing is required. A separate gate kit must be purchased so that you can still use your gate to exit and enter.

There are two system types--one is designed to keep cats from getting out and is angled into the fenced area and is called the "strato barrier system". The other system is angled on both sides of the fence to prevent cats from coming INTO your yard and bothering and fighting with your cats, and from your cats escaping OUT and is called the "combination barrrier system". Since the area we wanted to enclose is very small and right off the patio door of our kitchen, we went with the strato system. If you have a problem with stray or feral cats coming into your yard, I would recommend the combination system.

This company also provides a netting system to be used around trees so that your cat can't climb up a tree and maybe get over the fence that way, or just get stuck up in the tree.

This system does allow for your cats to safely go outside, but it is hardly eye appealing. I do let one cat out at a time for a supervised visit in the backyard grass and to ensure that the cat doesn't go off my property. The city ordinance just states that I must contain my animals and they must be under my control (ha--we are talking about cats!) and not eliminate on the neighbor's property. I am allowed to have my cats outside as long as they are on my property.

This containment is far from ideal from my cats' perspective. If we had a totally fenced back yard then we might have considered placing this system around the entire perimeter. The system does require maintenance and monitoring to ensure that the netting in properly placed.

Website address for more info:

The company does want to speak with you on the telephone to make sure that you get the right system for your needs. The installation instructions could stand for more and better diagrams. Where you place the brackets is important, especially when near a fence corner.

Pros: Can attach to any kind of fencing

Cons: Need to purchase a separate gate kit & not easy to install

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Marlenea C.
Rating: 5

Confining your cat to your backyard

posted 4 years ago

We purchased this for our entire backyard and boy did it make our 5 cats the happiest kitties ever!!! Without a doubt this has made life more peaceful here and happy. Just keep things away from the fence. The best part is that our mostly outdoor cat is now safe from predators, flash floods (he used to use storm drains to hide), and cars. We also have a beautiful ragdoll that could never go outside before (too friendly and not the most cautious kitty) but now he spends most warm days sunning on the deck. Even our mostly indoor kitty likes to go chase butterflies from time to time now. They adore the extra space and we even built and purchased a few outdoor cat trees to add to the fun (but they are far away from the fence system). For the above poster... you might want to seriously considering finishing off your fence and doing this.... it is so very worth it!! Oh and one last great advantage... before our outside kitty would bring me lots of dead things... now there is nothing for him to bring and it's even kept birds from pooing on the deck as much. Win win all around. If you have kitties and want them to be indoor/ outdoor or outdoor only I HIGHLY recommend this system!!

Pros: Keeps kitty safe, keeps, critters out

Cons: corners are a little tricky to install

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