Feliway Behavior Modifier
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Feliway Behavior Modifier


Rating: 4.2

Average rating from 29 reviews.

(4.2 out of 5, based on 29 reviews)

Feliway, 75 ml Behavior Modifier SKU: 024FAR03-75 [printable] Scientific Breakthrough! Indoor area spray that mimics naturally occurring facial pheromones in order to control urine marking and scratching. Cat urine contains pheromones that the cat uses to mark his territory to demonstrate dominance or to attract members of the opposite sex. But not all marking is done with urine. Cats also secrete pheromones from a variety of other glands on their bodies. The foot pads produce Alarm Pheromones that remind the cat - and warn other cats - to avoid dangerous areas. Pheromones produced in the tail and anal sacs provide information about sexual status for mating purposes. And there are pheromones that make the cat feel calm and secure within his environment. These are facial pheromones. You've probably seen a cat rub his face on objects around the house - or even you. Feliway mimics these natural reassuring feelings in the cat that has a calming effect and reduces the impulse to urine mark or scratch. It's important to continue treatment for 30 days. Marking should cease within that time. In extreme cases, however, "reminder" maintenance sprays may be necessary every 2 to 3 days. If the cat is over 10 years old, spray areas once daily for 45 days. Repeat every 2-3 days for the rest of his life. To prevent sexually oriented marking, it's only necessary to spray the soiled areas - which are normally near exits. If you believe a change in the home may initiate marking, you can prevent it by spraying Feliway on furniture, doors and in the corners of rooms as you would if the cat were marking. To prevent scratching, Feliway should be sprayed once per day on areas of surfaces that could be attractive to the cat (typically surfaces that are fully visible and vertical.) Feliway can also be used to calm cats in stressful situations. Calms cats during: •Transport •Hospitalization •Veterinarian visits •Boarding •Helps cats adjust to new environments, new pets and new people. Spraying cage for transport in a cage: Spray the inside of the cage with Feliway about 20 minutes before introducing the cat. For transport in a car or other vehicle: Spray 3-4 times around the cat's usual place in the vehicle before placing the cat in it. When Boarding: Spray each corner of the cattery accommodation before introducing the cat. Repeat the sprays daily until the cat is observed to rub its head in the areas of the sprays. What customers are saying: I found it (Feliway Spray) very successful this week in our move! My cat who is 15 years old FREAKS OUT when placed in a car or in our past moves. The cat will lose hair and not eat for a few days, hides and is not to be seen for weeks. I
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Reader's Reviews (29)
Rating: 5

Great product for kitty with anxiety

posted 6 years ago

I purchased this on the advice of my vet. My kitty Ladybug gets really nervous when people are in the house or when the dogs play near her cat tree. She acts out by spraying and scratching everywhere. This has really helped calm her down and I am very pleased that it is a more natural approach to behavior modification.

Pros: Great product that really works

Cons: expensive

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Michelle S.
Rating: 4

I know people who swear by this stuff...

posted 7 years ago

It's hard to evaluate Feliway's effectiveness because at a veterinary clinic, we don't know how the cat behaves in it's normal setting. However, if there is a placebo effect by calming my nerves and thus the cat, perhaps there is some value to it!

Pros: Calming

Cons: $$

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