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posted 6 years ago

I've been going to the Tree farm about two years, ever since I decided to stop bringing my dog off leash to Bidwell, when she nuzled another dog to intiate play, but that grouchy dog latched onto my dog's neck and I couldnt pull her off my dog. Fortunately, the dog's owner came along and pulled her off my dog; no damage was done but it was a scary experience for me and my dog. Right after that,I discovered the tree farm and was so grateful to be able to bring my dog to a place where she could run and play off leash with other dogs as she is high energy and very sociable and I cannot seem to provide her enough exercise just walking her on leash. I was so relieved to find such a place as the tree farm. I have met so many wonderful, caring responsible pet owners there, and the tree farm director is so generous to offer the tree farm as a place for pet owners to access. The management only asks that you clean up with the provided plastic baggies, after your dog, and keep them in the orchard areas on leash, and on the paved trail on leash. They can be off leash around the gravel circle trail that follows the creek's direction. I have found the pet owners who go to the tree farm have better behaved and friendlier dogs, overall, than the people who bring their dogs to the upper Bidwell swimming holes, that's just been my experience. However, as a dog trainer warned us, be careful in any dog park as it's best if you knowthe dogs your dog will play with, and you must keep control and know the whereabouts of your dog at the tree farm to make sure they stay safe there. Since the tree farm is so large and not fenced, my dog runs around and I continually keep an eye on her to maike sure she is not running off to get into something I can't see, but then again, she gets to "let it all out" so she is thoroughly exercised and socialized with other dogs. Ideally I would like to get together with a few other responsible pet owners with well behaved dogs who could play a few times a week with mine, but I haven't found anyone who really seems to realize that this could be an even safer, fun alternative to the tree farm. Everyone just seems to want to be able to arrive as their schedule suits them, to socialize with random people and dogs, at the tree farm. So, as long as you're able to watch and be alert to keep an eye on your dog at the tree farm, it can be a great way to socialize and exercise your dog.

Pros: Huge area, creek for dogs and people, fun people

Cons: Not fenced in

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