Trugreen Reviews St Augustine Grass For Knoxville And Atlanta Lawns

Trugreen lawn care is a popular lawn care company that covers both the Knoxville and Atlanta regions. They want to help their clients in these areas have the best lawns for their particular needs. They provide advice and guidance on which types of grasses are best, how much maintenance they require, how to treat them, what to expect from them, and more. Every once in a while, Trugreen reviews a certain type of grass. When they leave such a review, they will share it on websites such as Glassdoor, Indeed, Consumer Affairs, and Yelp. They do so in the aim to ensure people can make an informed decision about the type of grass that is most suitable to their own particular needs.  Their latest review is on St Augustine grass.

Trugreen Reviews St Augustine Grass

St Augustine grass is suitable to warm seasons in particular. Hence, for those in Atlanta, it is most recommended in the southern suburbs of the city. It is tolerant to shade and moderately resistant to drought. It requires just 4 hours of sunlight everyday.  Interestingly, this grass is actually not so common in landscaping in Atlanta. In fact, the only place people will find it is in the south metro Atlanta area. This is mainly due to the fact that the grass does not like the cold temperatures during the winter period. In fact, if the winter is quite severe, winterkill may even occur. While St Augustine grass is not impossible to grow and maintain for people in Atlanta, it does require proper care and attention. This is why the majority of people who have it as a long will also ask companies like Trugreen to maintain it for them.

Trugreen will be more than happy to look after a Saint Augustine lawn for their clients. However, they will generally recommend a different type of grass instead. One of their personal favorites is Bermuda grass, which is loved for the fact that it is very economical. It is also quite easy to maintain and it can be installed regardless of the seasons.  The main issue with Bermuda is that it is dormant for quite a long period of time and it is susceptible to winterkill.

Another option therefore is zyosia grass.  This type of grass comes in either thin or thick blade varieties. Both options have their own pros and cons comma and they are both quite suitable to both the Atlanta and the Knoxville regions. They also have a number of hybrids, including Zeon and Emerald zyosia. These two types of grasses are both commonly used on lawns for families comma as they are quite resistant to traffic while at the same time being reasonably comfortable to walk on.

Another option is fescue grass but Trugreen does not recommend this because it is so difficult to grow in Atlanta. Naturally should someone have their heart set on fescue, they will be more than happy to help with this but they feel it is important people realize the amount of work they will have to put into maintaining their lawn.  Last but not least, there is centipede grass. This grass is love to because it is so low maintenance that it doesn’t require a lawn care company to help out. However, centipede is not particularly beautiful, and it is surprisingly uncomfortable to walk on without shoes.