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Pa. – An animal rights activist who took a chained dog from its home in central Pa. has been convicted of theft and receiving stolen property. In Sept. 2006, Tammy Grimes of Tyrone, Pa. took Jake, a 19-year-old German shepherd mix, fro… more ›

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Animal Activist Convicted Of Stealing Dog

NATIONWIDE – Another form of animal care has emerged in recent years that addresses the toughest part of caring for an animal companion – the end of its life. Angels Gate, a New York based Hospice, is one such care provider. They tak… more ›

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No Hope For Ill Pets- Try Hospice Care

US – Dogs suffering from everything from arthritis to cancer are trying out the newest trend in veterinary medicine – acupuncture. Dr. John Oullette, a certified veterinary acupuncturist in Madison, Connecticut says that it is believ… more ›

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Newest Trend In Veterinary Medicine

Whether young or old, there's few people who wouldn't love to spend Christmas morning playing with a warm, fuzzy new pet. As consumers stroll malls across the country, they will undoubtedly pass a pet store or two, and not be able to resist the big … more ›

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Pets Are Companions, Not Gifts

SCOTLAND – A dog handler in Scotland found out that a bark is worse than a bit, when you spend your day with a van full of barking dogs. Handler Thomas Donnelly has sued the state, claiming he's suffered hearing loss thanks to the can… more ›

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A Bark is Worse Than The Bite

VIRGINIA - For weary pet owners, there's nothing worse than taking a loved pet to the vet one last time to be put down. After what can amount to months of doctor visits, pet owners say putting a pet to rest in a sterile examination roo… more ›

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In Home Euthanasia

For many Americans juggling work, life and pets can seem impossible. But thankfully, doggie day care has come on the scene to help relieve some of that pressure. As Pet Pulse correspondent Stacey Sears found out, K-9 retreats are pretty Ritzy. … more ›

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The Ritzy Canine

Ever wonder why the Geico lizard commercials never take place inside a car? Easy, because the company doesn't provide coverage for pets. At the time of this report, only one provider does – it's a service that adds to the ever-competi… more ›

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Collision Coverage for Dogs

Well it's Halloween, and many of us will be celebrating with candy, costumes and our companion animals. But before the festivities begin, we thought we could provide you with a few tips to keep your pet safe. The ASPCA and Last Chance f… more ›

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Halloween Pet Safety Tips

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