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GREGORY, Illinois – In less than a week, a 200-pound English mastiff has gone from being a small-town Illinois dog to the sweet heart of international media outlets. It started on Monday when a dog named Lurch was honored by Livingston… more ›

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Red Cross Honors Blood Donating Dog

ENID, Ok. – The U.S. Postal Service’s creed has been put to the test. While dedicated carriers might be willing to brave snow, rain or heat, the postal office is no longer carrying mail through an Enid, Oklahoma neighborhood. <… more ›

Tags: dogs, care & safety

Postmen Break Creed to Avoid Neighborhood Dogs

PORTLAND, Or. – According to The Associated Press, a number of guide dogs are being affected by mild electric shocks as they wait on wet public train platforms. TriMet representatives say they have no idea why dogs are getting shocked… more ›

Tags: dogs, care & safety

Guide Dogs Shocked by Trains, Reps Say

LONG ISLAND, N.Y. - Three special chihuahuas rescued from a Virginia puppy mill are getting around a lot easier these days, thanks to some unique prosthestics. Carmen, Venus and Pablo were born without their front legs. Reps from the No… more ›

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New Set of Wheels for NY Pups

SECAUCUS, N.J. - Electric fences have become an advantageous tool for many dog owners looking for alternatives to traditional yard enclosures. One Maryland town is exploring whether to regulate this somewhat controversial technology. A … more ›

Tags: crime & law, care & safety, dogs

Md. City Could Regulate Electric Fences

UNITED KINGDOM – A study performed by researchers at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland found that mixed-breed dogs are smarter than their pure-bred cousins. Scientists say mutts' spatial awareness and problem solving skills surpa… more ›

Tags: health & wellness, dogs

Study Finds Mix-Breeds Smarter than Pure-breeds

TORONTO, Ontario – Officials at the Toronto Humane Society say a dog bought at a highway flea market at Dr Flea's has tested positive for rabies. The puppy was purchased on Jan. 13th. It was sold from a booth, number 1513, and officia… more ›

Tags: dogs, health & wellness, recalls & alerts

Rabid Dog Sold at Toronto Flea Market

OSTRAVA, Czech Republic – Researchers working at the Czech company Bioveta have made a breakthrough that's likely to positively affect thousands of dogs who suffer from Lyme's disease. Lyme's disease is transmitted by deer ticks; small… more ›

Tags: health & wellness, dogs

Czech Scientists: New Vaccine for Lyme's Disease in Dogs

NATION – A franchise company dedicated to ridding America's yards of unwanted dog poop might be coming to your neighborhood. Pet Butler is touted by its CEO (Chief Excrement Officer) Matt Boswell as the, “#1 in #2.” The company st… more ›

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No More Dog Poo Worries

ST. CHARLES, Mo. - According to news station KMOV in Missouri, two men are posing as animal control officers so they can steal people's animals. According to the report, two men dressed in plain clothes went to the home of Kathleen Spin… more ›

Tags: dogs, care & safety

Dog-nappers Pose as Animal Control

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