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In Brooklyn, Dr. Post, a veterinary oncologist explains that animal cancer is treatable but since cancer is the most common cause for death in older animals, it leaves pet owners asking questions... What symptoms are signs of can… more ›

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Is Animal Cancer Treatable?

NEW YORK -- The puppy looks like a normal, blissfully resting young dog -- that is, until the lights are turned off. Then she shines a fluorescent red glow, living up to her name, Ruppy -- short for Ruby Puppy. She's the world's first tr… more ›

Tags: health & wellness, strange but true, dogs, cats

World's First Transgenic Puppy Glows Red

NEW YORK -- Bo, the Obama family's new Portuguese water dog, is sure to get the best presidential care. He is the top dog, after all. But pet experts and Portie owners still have some advice for the First Family on training their new pup.
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Tags: care & safety, dogs

First Family Gets Expert Advice on First Puppy

ASPEN, Colo. -- With the cost, time and commitment factors involved with pet ownership, the undertaking certainly isn't for everyone. But one Aspen, Colo., shelter and boarding facility offers residents and tourists alike a half-way medi… more ›

Tags: care & safety, dogs

Shelter Dogs Vacation with Tourists in Ski Town

Law Passed to Curb Pet Antifreeze Deaths: Virginia is the latest state to lessen the lethal blow a few licks of antifreeze can deliver to curious pets. Nearly 10,000 pets die every year from the sweet tasting toxic fluid. Watch Zootoo Pet News' pr… more ›

Tags: care & safety, crime & law, cats, dogs

Law Passed to Curb Pet Antifreeze Deaths

Puppy Mill Bust Creates Frenzy at Local Shelter: People come in droves to adopt dogs rescued from puppy mills; While some hope to help, others are just looking for a good deal. But in Florida, potential adopters learn these rescued dogs will need … more ›

Tags: care & safety, dogs

Puppy Mill Bust Creates Frenzy at Local Shelter

DENVER -- Millions of teenagers have them and most can hardly wait to get them off. Now, braces are extending past the adolescent community and into the world of pets. More veterinarians are starting to treat canine orthodontic prob… more ›

Tags: health & wellness, dogs

Canine Teeth Get Straightened with Braces

MINNEAPOLIS -– Researchers have identified a mutant gene carried by 30 percent of Labrador Retrievers that causes Exercise Induced Collapse. The findings, based off of research at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medi… more ›

Tags: health & wellness, dogs

Mutant Gene Detected in Labs Could Cause Death

NEW YORK -- After drawing 20,000 people to its Manhattan event last year, the American Kennel Club will host its sixth annual AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day this month, featuring groups representing dozens of breeds. The AKC’s othe… more ›

Tags: care & safety, dogs

AKC Promotes Responsible Dog Owners with 600-plus Nationwide Events

ORLANDO –- When it comes to helping the environment, even pets are going green.The University of Doglando is central Florida’s first dog daycare center to go green. Since Janie Nelson came here with her 1-year-old dog Lexi, she has … more ›

Tags: care & safety, dogs

Dog Daycare Owner Says It's Easy Being Green

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