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A table scrap here, a little taste there -- when indulging our pets, the temptation to slip them tiny treats of our food can be strong. But certain human foods can be dangerous to pets, so keep your animals safe and healthy by avoiding these risky tr… more ›

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Four Pet Treats Every Owner Should Avoid

Story originally published July 2010 on www.tonic.com/article/kittie-paddling-saves-paralyzed-cat A NYC feline regains the use of her paw through hydrotherapy. Cats aren't supposed to like water, but don't tell that to Nazzaning, a 6-year… more ›

Tags: care & safety, health & wellness, cats, hydrotherapy, strange but true

Kittie-Paddling Saves Paralyzed Cat

Adding a four-legged family member this summer? Check out Zootoo’s tips for making a new pet feel right at home. Bringing a new kitten or puppy home is like welcoming a new member of the family. Whether it’s a cat or dog (or somethin… more ›

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All in the Family: Bringing a New Pet Home

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration reported that, as a precautionary measure, Proctor & Gamble Co. is voluntarily recalling specific lots of its IAMS canned cat food in North America. IAMS ProActive Health canned cat and kitten fo… more ›

Tags: recalls & alerts, food & nutrition, care & safety, health & wellness, products, cats, cat

IAMS Recalls Canned Cat Food

Which is better for the family pet: dry food, wet food, or a mixture of the two? Pet owners have long struggled with the question, weighing the relative merits of water content, nutrition, dental health, and cost. Many pet owners fear th… more ›

Tags: lifestyle & trends, cats, food & nutrition, health & wellness, care & safety

Wet Food or Dry: Which Is Better for Your Cat?

Now that summer has started, both pets and owners are ready to celebrate the season. But even though animals are eager to play outside in warmer climates, the sunny weather can be dangerous for both cats and dogs. Here are Z… more ›

Tags: care & safety, health & wellness, dogs, cats, prevention

Ten Summer Safety Tips: Protect Your Pet From Heat and Sun

Though most vegetarians feed their pets meat or fish without flinching, some vegetarians abhor the idea of their animals eating other animals. "A vegetarian diet for your companion animal is ethically consistent with animal rights philos… more ›

Tags: care & safety, health & wellness, food & nutrition, cats, cat

Are Vegetarian Diets Safe for Cats?

Three cats in two continents have contracted the influenza A from the H1N1 virus, the American Veterinary Medical Association reported Thursday. In all three cases, their owners had themselves suffered from flu-like symptoms or been infected with th… more ›

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Cats may be Contracting H1N1 Virus from Owners

NEW YORK -- The puppy looks like a normal, blissfully resting young dog -- that is, until the lights are turned off. Then she shines a fluorescent red glow, living up to her name, Ruppy -- short for Ruby Puppy. She's the world's first tr… more ›

Tags: health & wellness, strange but true, dogs, cats

World's First Transgenic Puppy Glows Red

Law Passed to Curb Pet Antifreeze Deaths: Virginia is the latest state to lessen the lethal blow a few licks of antifreeze can deliver to curious pets. Nearly 10,000 pets die every year from the sweet tasting toxic fluid. Watch Zootoo Pet News' pr… more ›

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Law Passed to Curb Pet Antifreeze Deaths

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