Pleasant Hope

February 14, 2009 | By Rhonda | 1 comment

I'm sure by now everyone has seen on the news about the puppy mill in Pleasant Hope! That was animal abuse at its worst! All those little Yorkies living in that filth. It was just heartbreaking.

And what devastated me was her friend got on there and said the owner of the dogs did nothing wrong! That she kept good care of her dogs. Well a picture is worth a thousand words is all I can say!

Good thing about it the Humane Society stepped in and the Woman and her husband are in jail! But the newscast said no charges had been filed yet. That worries me. I think they should punish them to the full extent of the law.
They sent the little dogs to St. Louis to be cared for and they will adopt them out.

If for some reason you missed this on the news you can catch a video of it on ky3.com
But if you are very sensitive you better brace yourself, because it was just pitiful.
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John R.

John R.
6 years ago

My reaction about the friend who said the owners had taken "excellent care" of the dogs was exactly the same as yours. The woman is either blind or else has some propriety interest in the torture chamber.

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