Favorite things to do with my dogs.

April 17, 2008 | By Anonymous

Our back yard is long and narrow with a creek that snakes around great old trees at the bottom of the hill; there is a wooded lot to the right and our neighbors have semi-wooded land to the left and in the back. I love to let the dogs (Sadie May and the Hudsonian) out the back gate and watch them go tearing down the hill, running wild and free. Hudson is still learning to stay close to me, answer to my call; but he's pretty good over all. Unless he's spotted the dear; then I'll find myself climbing the hills calling him. He comes back but since he's so young (we've adopted him last fall as a 9 month puppy) I worry he'll not come back one day. Sadie May is loyal all the way. I love watching them racing after each other, rolling wildly and jumping to their feet with a whipping action. I love watching them cooling their belly in the creek or merely following my lead through the wood. Sometimes I burn the bush I've gathered by the creek and they stay close by exploring. I may not hear them and I'll call out a name. There, a little head will poke around the trunk of a fallen tree, as if to say, "I'm right here, do you need me?" or "I'm hear, ok". There is something very peaceful in watching them enjoying this time free and carefree. Just as soon as I say the word "OK" they go back to what it was they were doing. That's the key word, "OK"; everything is OK and they know it. By the time we return to the main house they're worn out and stand happily when they are being squirted off. This is my favorite thing to do with my dogs.
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