Helping to get the POINTS!

January 10, 2009 | By ImaARMYwife | 3 comments

Sarge -n- the Boys!

Hi.. my name is Lisa :) I live in Kansas and I have a wonderful online friend named .. LORIE, who asked for HELP in getting 10 lives, points for the ZooToo contest! So that's why I'm here! Sorry I don't have a kitty cat.. but I LOVE all animals and I will post pictures and do whatever I can to HELP! Good Luck to 10 Lives!
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Colleen H.

Colleen H.
6 years ago

We appreciate all the help we can get. Thanks for helping the cats!


7 years ago

((((( LORA )))))

I don't even see Lorie here? Funny .. since she POSTED the link and asked for HELP.. but no replies and not listed as a member?

Oh Lorie.. where are YOU?

Hope I'm not doing all of this each day for NOTHING!

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