A Blue Heeler Christmas and a Yappy New Year

December 4, 2009 | By Vaughn M.

This year, amidst the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations, the St. Tammany Humane Society calls out to the animal lovers in our community to stop a moment. We ask that you take a moment out of the chaos of Christmas and listen to that still, tiny voice that begs you to recapture the true spirit of the season. Here at the humane society, we shelter dogs and cats of every size, hue, age, temperament – each with their own distinct shining personality that wins us over again and again each morning as we walk through the doors to face another day’s battle for their welfare and search for their perfect forever home. Some are with us for only a few days. Some have resided in their kennel for a period approaching two years (an unacceptably poignant fact that we struggle to eliminate).

The good news? You, lover of all creatures big and small, can help us to give our dogs and cats a very Merry Christmas this year. “How,” you may ask, “since I cannot possibly adopt another animal at this time?” That ‘moment’ that I spoke of earlier? I’d like you to take that moment’s reverie now and imagine the life of a long-time shelter dog. If there were any way to revive some sense of hope for these dogs (hope that we see diminishing with each passing week) that the world has not forever abandoned them to the confines of shelter life, we have faith that you will join us in restoring their oft-times shattered sense of canine-worth.

Foster a shelter dog this holiday season and experience this Christmas through a rare lens – through the eyes of a grateful holiday hound sorely in need of more than a little holiday cheer, sorely in need of more than the start of a new year in the same old kennel. Give in to that vacillating inner voice urging you to give more than just a fruit cake to the mail man in order to attain that joyous feeling of good-will that spurs us to sing “Silver Bells” along with Neil Diamond when no one is around. Give your heart and home, if only for a few treasured days, to a homeless shelter dog this year, brightening their doggy days more than you’d dare to imagine.

We are counting on the animal lovers of our community to give to our shelter dogs what we are, heartbreakingly, unable: A Merry Christmas and a Yappy New Year!

Happy Holidays from STHS.
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