May 1, 2009 | By Azzurrapl

I know many of you have left - but I am wondering - has anyone thought of listing projects that a High School Class could call their own? I am only asking because I have 3 students who all go to different private schools in Princeton - they have all asked me what would be a great Class Project for their graduating class to do.. This entails - fundraising, lots of CS Hours and usually they like placing a plaque on the finished project..... In the past - they have refinished the Art Museum in Princeton, they have build a playground near Trenton, and they actually built an entire house for Habitat in trenton.... so these are pretty big projects - all of them span an entire school year if not more ..... I know there is a list of needed supplies and you can always use dog walkers - but how about - sprucing up the auditorium? or some other place at the Shelter? (sorry I have never really had a tour of it) - Or perhaps does North Branch need a dog park area? I mean something like that? My students are in Princeton so you guys would be a hike - but you have your own P.S. - Pingry and a few in Morristown? Too bad you couldn't tap into some more groups - especially that had young people in it.... most public schools and all private schools have a mandatory requirement of Community Service for its graduates? Also, if there were actual projects like that - perhaps you could even get some service fraternities from local colleges to finish one? Have you had this before? If you have - I didn't know?
Barbara R.

Barbara R.
6 years ago

Wow! It's a fantastic idea. Right now St H is under construction, but when the dust settles, I bet there are lots of projects that could be done. (Maybe not in the near future..) I'm not the one to know exactly what needs doing, but hope the volunteer coordinator reads this and follows up. it sounds like this group has done some significant projects and perhaps there is something in the line of landscaping or painting or fencing that could be done.

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