Shelter rabbits & adoptions

April 25, 2009 | By Sweetpea2006

The first rabbit I had was a shelter rabbit (Hotot). "Bunny" (original name - right?) was the best bunny in the world! He lived to be 10 YEARS OLD. I originally got him to be the class pet for my fifth grader (now 23). I brought him home and never returned him when I found out that the boys were using him for a football when the teacher left the room. Good reason bunnies DON'T make good classroom pets. I have since fostered many bunnies from our local shelter. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make sure that the shelters know proper care of bunnies and are not treating them the same as the cats and dogs. Also PLEASE make sure that they have a good supply of information to give out when the bunnies are adopted. Unofficial survey: Most bunnies go to a shelter because they are stuck in a cage outside and no one cares for them correctly (a sick bunny is NOT a fun bunny) or gives them any attention. They then turn up at a shelter with comments like "we just got him for easter" , "he has no personality", "we don't have time for her", etc. If people want their bunnies to be part of their family they first have to be educated on how to care for bunnies and they have to bring them inside with the family and spend some time with them. Thanks.
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