Good Job Everyone! The next step!

March 14, 2009 | By Jeff K. | 1 comment

Great Job everyone we did it! Now if we are lucky enough to make the final 10 we are really going to have to recruit people like crazy. Recruiting people to vote should be easier than trying to explain to people how the points system worked on z2. The big thing we have to overcome now is that if you don't have a picture profile uploaded you can't vote in the finals!!!! That means we have alot of supporters that won't be able to vote!!!! I for one have some friends that I am going to have to help get their pictures on here. The way I understand it, it doesn't have to be a picture of yourself but can be one of your pets or anything. BUT I have noticed some of the regulars on here have CHANGED their picture profile from one of their pets to one of themselves. HOPEFULLY someone can clarify this with zootoo???? Way to go everyone!!!
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6 years ago

Everyone has work very hard for this. Am so glad to see what has happened. Great job everyone!!!!!

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