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June 10, 2009 | By Midwestwoman | 2 comments

Hi all! I am in the process of establishing a new dog training business here in Dubuque, Iowa and would appreciate anyone who would be willing to take my short 10 question survey to help me with my business plan:

Thank you!

Cindy in L. Dubuque
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6 years ago

Thanks - someone else also pointed that out to me. It's a canned program - I guess the way they set it up is so people have to prioritize and can't select more than one in the same rating column. Thanks for trying anyway!

Renee  M.

Renee M.
6 years ago

Hi Cindy,
I tried taking the survey but it wouldn't allow me to mark more than one thing with the same importance, if that makes any sense? So a couple of things were " very important" to me and it would only allow me to check one thing as "very important", and a couple of things were "somewhat important" to me and same thing - so I gave up for now. . .
Good luck in your new venture!
SHIC volunteer

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