Good Toys For Rabbits???

July 19, 2009 | By GypsyEyezNY | 2 comments

Hi. I just got some bunnies. I did alot of research online and I noticed they mentioned that bunnies love to play with cardboard boxes and paper towel rolls. How about toilet paper rolls? I decided to put one in their for them to play with. But I noticed they were eating it. Is this safe??? I took it out cause I didn't think it was safe for them to be eating cardboard. What do your bunnies like to play with?
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6 years ago

Toilet paper rolls are just fine for your buns. They may like them even better if you stuff a treat, such as timothy hay, inside so they have to work a little to get it out. It is good stimulation for them. My buns also like to dig and chew on old phone books. I usually take the glossy covers off first. Kudos to you for doing research BEFORE you got your buns! As a rabbit rescue volunteer, I see that life would be much better for many buns if their prospective owners would do the same!!

Good luck and have fun!

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