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March 14, 2009 | By Peachychic | 1 comment

This is my Marcel (a/k/a Mr. Moose)

I just wanted to say hello to the group- I just joined because I recently found out my kittie Marcel has diabetes- he's not overweight at all, in fact he's only 2- the vet thinks he may have been born with it. Obviously, I was upset at first(actually I was in tears), but I'm already learning to deal with it. He gets 2 insulin shots a day (and is great about getting them)- I have a back up in case I'm not home and he's on the special Hills prescription MD food. It's funny, but I think my boy's condition may have brought us closer together- and good news- his insulin is regulated now! He looks great and is so so so playful/
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Kristi  C.

Kristi C.
6 years ago

Poor Marcel! A few years ago, my friend and I found a cat wandering in her apartment building hallway. After knocking on doors, nobody claimed him and I took him home to try to find him a good home. I wasn't able to keep him--him and my other male cat did not get along--but I found him a good home with kids. He did great with kids and allowed them to pick him up and play with him.

About a month later, I received a call from the family who adopted him...Turns out, he had recently been having problems with his legs, so they took him into the vet and was diagnosed with diabetes! They were going to give it a shot, see how it went and hopefully turn it into a learning experience for the kids. I offered to take him back if they weren't able to take care of him, but so far, no call...

Good luck to Marcel! Just remember...human kids with diabetes are just fine :)

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