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January 16, 2009 | By Safaricats | 4 comments

I have several special need cats. One of them cannot keep her balance due to brain damage. I have taught her to walk and one of the hardest hurdles is the litter box. Because she cant't balance herself she falls over. I use bedding that is made for small animals ( so she is padded ) Maybe someone has a better idea.
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6 years ago

My Angel has balance problems too and after several different trys we found something she would go in. It is a large round plant pot tray (because it has low sides she can get in herself) and I put a rubber mat on the bottom to keep her from slipping, then put in shredded newspaper on one side to try to absorb the urine. Our problem is cleaning the urine off of her. Lately she has been falling in it coming out smelling of urine. Does anyone have an idea of what to use to get urine smell off a cat? I have baby wipes that don't seem to do the trick and I've used vinegar which isn't helping either. If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate them! I can't give her a bath, she would claw me to pieces if I got her near water!

Kristi  C.

Kristi C.
7 years ago

One thing I've read about doing is if a cat has problems getting into a litterbox is to try to cut away part of it so they don't have that hurdle.

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