why spay and neuter your pet

October 16, 2008 | By Trish E. | 1 comment

There are so many animals that do not have homes that are either on the street or in a shelter. Not only are there animals without homes but there are animals with horrible owners that abuse, neglect, and basically don't appreciate or fathom the true value of their pet.
A pet is so much more than a pet. They bring hours of entertainment.
For those people that live alone, a pet is always a great thing to have. For all those spooky sounds just blame it on the pet. (giggles) And it's not so lonely when you're not completely alone. When you have a pet, you are never alone. They depend on you, love you, and WANT to be WITH you.
A pet can and will always be your best friend. Even if there is a owner who abuses their pet, that pet still goes to that owner for love, attention, affection, and protection (or protects their owner).
A pet is the best friend anyone can have, regardless of age. Just like how children lighten the heart, Animals make people feel younger, and when you feel younger, you are taking the wear and tear off your heart and soul
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